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  1. Ever heard of Pentatonix?

    This group is i think the best acapella group I've heard doing this style of music I've heard others attempt and fail hard

    It was good but i dont think it lived up to the hype.
  3. Favorite soda/pop?

    Vanilla Coke Zero
  4. Track IR Issues

    Anyone know when they're ganna patch so the track IR works again, or a fix to get it working?
  5. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    Lol, well as of right now i'm not running a bad processor. I'm kicking a i7 3770k main reason i was considering switching it because i'm heard amazing things about the new 8 cores and Intel's 8 core is over a grand to pick up. I'm hearing a lot of talk about liquid cooling though and I've heard you can run the AMD 8 cores without it but if you guys are saying you have to liquid cool it i think thats gonna be the deal breaker for me. Too much maintenance to liquid cool. i may just instead look at picking up a 980TI and roll with the 3770k
  6. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    Does anyone know if AMD processors and Nvdia Cards play nice. I've been considering building a new PC with my tax return this year and i've been hearing great things about the newer AMD 8 Cores thats base clock is 4.5ghz. The last PC i built was back in 2012 and i remember AMD and Nvdia having a lot of compatibility issues. what i was thinking of doing was pairing a AMD 8 core with a GTX980 anyone know if it would be compatible? 
  7. I just wanted to put up a post here to thank the server owners and Staff for making taking the time a resources to manage and fund this amazing server. As a Dev/Server host previously for multiple Arma 3 Servers I know how a lot of your work can go un-appriciated and un-noticed, so i wanted to make this post to thank you all for doing such an awesome job at making a great gaming server for us to enjoy and to tell you to keep up the good work.   
  8. Grand Opening of ARK-MART

    Whats the currency to buy stuff and is it still open?
  9. Hello from the other side

    Hello everybody, My name is Kyle and i'm video game finatic. I use to play a lot of arma 3 and have experience making mods and missions for the 15thMEU(SOC) realism Unit on there where i have spent most of my gaming time for the past 2 years. Recently i decided to switch from arma and enjoy a new game but had some difficulty finding one. Until, that is, i found the game ARK and the awesome community that ADK has made on that game. Now i've been enjoying my time on there and absolutely love its community. The reason i chose to look at ADK as a community i wanted to join was not only because of the ARK community. I originally played with the Elite Dangerous group and a little with the Planetside 2, and War Thunder Groups. In all my experiences with ADK everyone has always been friendly, accepting, and fun to hang out with. With that in mind i decided to finally join the ADK Dark side because you have cookies. :3    K. Anderson  
  10. Hello ADK

    Hello everyone, just submitting my application and figured i'd introduce myself. My name is Kyle, I'm Currently working on a dual major in Physics and Software Engineering, currently in my first year of my 6 year degree plan. I live in San Antonio with my fiance, and work for AT&T Uverse as an SOS Tech Support Agent. I'm just looking for a good group of guys to bullshit with while i enjoy the fun that the internet has to offer. 

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