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  1. Yeah Nah, G'day its Shadow.

    So uh, Been playing on these servers for a while now. thought its about time to introduce myself. Im an Australian 16 year old bloke who loves a bit of Pc gaming.  i usually go by the name of ShadowFlaps (was originally a stab at people who played wow and put "shadow" before everything, until i started playing wow) if not i go by the name TravisPlays.  some games i enjoy playing are,  ~Dayz mod (fkn standalone) ~CS-GO (my mate has 3k hours so he carries us) ~WoW (lvl 90 hunter n00b lol) ~bitta bf4 doesn't hurt  just for you people interested, here are some personal attributes. - once i quickscoped a noob - can do 10 push ups when necessary - can speak at least one phrase in spanish, "donde esta la biblioteca?" use it to pick up chicks, have no idea what it means.  - i get way to interested in the details and rules of things.   - stern professional leader  -can cook minute rice in 58 seconds youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeVFyTLjd5snqH1Rm_b3LEA give it a geeze and tell us what you think.  love to hear from yall - shadowflaps or xXxqickscooperlolxXx (what ever suit you)  

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