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    Windows 7
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    MSI Z97-Gaming 3
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    i5-4690K; OC'd @ 4.40 GHz
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    EVGA GTX 770
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    EVGA 600B
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    120GB SSD + 3x 1TB HDD
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    SteelSeries Siberia V2 (headphones) / Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 (speakers)
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    ASUS VH238 (1920x1080 @ 60Hz)
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    Fractal Design Define R4 Blackout Edition w/ Window
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    Logitech G710+ (keyboard) + Razer DeathAdder 2013 Edition (mouse)
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  1. I wanna build a new rig.... casing?

    Check out Phanteks Enthoo full towers.
  2. Just "RAM" it in, baby

    Just make sure to not mix RAM sizes. Laptop memory (SODIMM) won't work inside a desktop. Desktop memory (DIMM) won't work inside a laptop.   Time progresses...hardware gets changed...Don't use RAM from a PC from 2001 in a PC from 2010. DDR2 doesn't work with DDR3. DDR3 doesn't work with DDR4, etc.
  3. Just "RAM" it in, baby

    Mixing RAM is possible, but not recommended.   If you have 2 DIMMs, one DIMM is DDR3-1600 and the other DIMM is DDR3-2400, the 2400MHz DIMM will be underclocked to 1600MHz to match the speed of the DDR3-1600 DIMM. If your motherboard supports memory overclocking, you might be able to overclock the DDR3-1600 DIMM to 2400MHz. If you're buying multiple RAM sticks with different frequencies, they will all underclock to the speed of the slowest RAM stick. Not only that, you will be messing up the RAM timings.   Realistically though, you can mix RAM of different frequencies and different timings and you'll be fine. To be honest, you won't even notice a difference; maybe a 1-2 FPS difference in gaming.   And plus, there are only two RAM suppliers; Samsung and Hynix. This basically means that all RAM is pretty much the same. Corsair RAM is the same as Kingston RAM. G.Skill RAM is the same as Crucial RAM.
  4. I aquire help...

    Use Speccy and take a screenshot, then open up your PC and take a picture of the power supply's specification sticker.
  5. PC Video Cards

    @mrmaccarslen - im not trying to be rude, but why are you thread hijacking. if you have questions, i advise you create your own thread.
  6. Anti Virus

    I don't recommend Norton.   MSE is bad now, you can get much better free antiviruses. It used to be one of the best free antivirus solutions, but it's not like that anymore.   For free antiviruses, Avast or Avira, For paid antivirses, ESET or Kapersky.
  7. PC Video Cards

    You don't have to buy a completely new build though considering some of yourcurrent parts are still pretty new.   You can upgrade the 6950 to something like the GTX 970. You might experience bottlenecks depeing on your current CPU. If your CPU causes a bottleneck, you will have to upgrade the CPU, and if you upgrade the CPU, you might have to get a new motherboard along with it.
  8. PC Video Cards

    Great build for anything you want to throw at it.    Will max out any modern titles at 2560x1440, though I would recommend a single GTX 980 for now, then get another one in the future when prices drop. GTX 980 prices are so high right now, wouldn't be the best bang for the buck to buy two at the same time right now.   You could get 16GB of RAM if you want; 8GB is enough for average user, but you can never go wrong with having more.   I included a Blu-Ray drive in case you watch Blu-Rays. If not, you can just get a simple CD+DVD reader/writer for like $15.   You can save around $50 - $100 by taking advantage of mail-in rebates and using multiple retailers. Not sure if it would be worth the extra hassle, but something I'd like to keep floating in the air in case you're one of the people who like to save as much money as possible.   You can also save more money by reusing parts from your current build. RAM, hard drives, optical drives would be the things I would reuse.   I picked the parts with a black & white color scheme in mind and chose from a single retailer to keep shipping easier on your end.     Or you can go for an AIO water cooler to get rid of the bulkiness of an air cooler.  
  9. PC Video Cards

    @[member='Gummy01'] - What's your current CPU? If you upgrade the CPU, you might have to upgrade the motherboard as well.
  10. Upgrade my CPU or stay with this one?

    Pentium G3258, overclock it. Will perform on par with the i5-4690K and beat any FX-series CPU in gaming.   Will struggle in multitasking and multi-threaded applications, but the G3258 is a ~$60 CPU. For that price, you can't really complain.   If you get the G3258 and play a demanding game like Battlefield, you won't be able to have many things open in the background. If you have only the game open, the CPU will perform on par with the i5-4690K and beat any FX-series CPU.
  11. PC Video Cards

    GTX 970.   GTX 980, but that's reaching your limit.   Might want to consider your CPU though. You might experience some bottlenecks with higher-end cards.
  12. Video card(s) needed for 144hz / 144fps

    If you want maxed out settings, then you're going to need at least 2 GPUs. A single GPU won't give you a stable 144 FPS unless playing on lower settings.   Two GTX 970s in SLI will get you what you a stable ~150 FPS.
  13. BIOS Settings

    No. Laptops have terrible cooling. Overclocking is not recommended. I don't even think you can overclock a laptop's CPU even if you wanted to.
  14. New computer idea?

    Build a new one. You can reuse your RAM, HDD, and optical drive. Just perform a formart on the HDD and do a clean install of Windows.
  15. Hello all! MajesticHF here :)

    One question, why does the 24/7 Rush server disappear from the server browser from time to time? And also, I sometimes see the server change its game size to 16 players, sometimes 8. I like playing in that server when it's filled up to 64 players.

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