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  1. PAX West Meet Up - Sept 1-4, 2017

    I'm definitely down. Always fun to hang out with fellow friends.
  2. Favorite Champ. Definetly Viegar because dat AP.
  3. So I've finally done it.

    Grats. Im waiting till i can afford it lol
  4. Can't hit anything today

    Dont worry lately there has been lots of 250+ ping players since of the sales and free BF4 week things. It will be back to normal soon
  5. Voip will not work

    Voip always has bugs so just use TS hahah
  6. What to do when people steal your vehicle

    I always put c4 on thing and if they steal it i blow it up XD
  7. how do i snipe?

    Pretty much camp door way. But honestly try not to be one of those 6 useless snipers on the team. No one likes those people. 
  8. So where has silent been?!

    GL with the degree im in the same boat and lucky to get even 10hrs to myself each week haha
  9. 20mm,25mm and 30mm

    25mm, good balance and reload 
  10. kennen top

    TBH he isnt very reliable. Even with lots of items he needs lots of help to get ahead. 
  11. how many skins do you have?

    only 88. Still i spent to much tourney RP on this. 
  12. Final Stand - Releases Nov 18

    If only i had premium. But it cost so much lol. 
  13. Hello folks

    Welcome to forums man. See u in BF4
  14. Hydra or Zuni or Smart Rocket?

    Hydra always. Better aoe also. 

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