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    Gummy01 reacted to Feisty for a article, ADK Hosted Factorio Server!   
    Hey everyone!
    This... is Factorio!
    With the random burst of people that we have found TOTALLY into factorio, we have decided to host a server for ADK Members and friends to play on =)
    This new server is going to be hosted on the ARK dedicated box. Those of you who plan on playing on this server may want to consider donating a small amount to the ARK funds for hosting for you! 
    This new server will have some RULES since it is an open world and everyones progress and structures will be shared. 
    1. You WILL NOT tear down other players stuff. If you disagree with the way another player is building go somewhere else and build it. 
    2. The spawn area will be a shared area, any resources harvested right near spawn or any factories built near spawn will belong to anyone, anyone can add to it or split resources from it. (if you ruin the flow please fix it and add more furnaces or drills.)
    3. No grieving 
    Keep in mind that some players will want to go off and do their own thing and that's ok. Please respect other players space if this is the case. 
    For the first iteration for the server we have chosen to use the richness preset and increase the size and frequency of some of the more rudimentary resources, we have also chosen peaceful mode, and reduced the amount of spawns of aliens so that as soon as you leave the spawn area you are not overrun with hives everywhere. 
     > <
    You can also find the server by searching for ADKGamers in the public browser list.

    The server password will be by word of mouth only. @FeistyTV and @CaGregorio have the password. We will be giving this password to ADK Members and trusted friends only. You do not need permission to give the password to someone else, just please do not invite anyone that you personally or ADK does not know.

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