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  1. ADK Private Group

  2. PC Video Cards

    @[member='mrmaccarsten'] - Oh gosh.  So much ditto in this.  I am eagerly waiting to see if anyone has an suggestions to this MacCarsten.   Possibly the following?     CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K CPU Fan: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Motherboard: ASUS Z97 Pro Video Card (SLI): EVGA GeForce GTX 970  Video Card (SLI): EVGA GeForce GTX 970 RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB HDD: Western Digital 1TB  Case: NZXT Source 220  Power Supply: Antec HCP-1000W Platinum Optical Drive: Samsung 24X SATA Monitor: ASUS PB287Q 28″ 4K  Operating System: Windows 8.1  Grand Total: $2,450-$2,550
  3. PC Video Cards

    @[member='Lord Baker'] - I have a friend up here in AK who has an ancient old laptop - one of those dust-proof, waterproof, drop-proof, ten pound or so cases?   Most of his stuff (with some modifications to the casing) has been modded to fix and fit into his laptop.  It is a crazy good laptop, and as a side effect, he has stuck with the dust, water, drop-proofing for it.  In a nutshell, it is a beast.   @[member='plaxus'] - Any particular reason as to why two would be beneficial?
  4. PC Video Cards

    @[member='MajesticHF'] - Thank you man!   What would you recommend for down the CPU lineup?  I am seriously considering upping my budget to 800...
  5. PC Video Cards

    Alright, so Xmas is coming up and every other year I like gifting myself with an upgrade to my setup.  This year?  Video.   I am currently running a Radeon HD 6950, and find with a few games I have to bump down the settings on them as it swoons under the pressure and just can't keep up.  I keep having to run off my CPU instead of GPU on Planetside 2 due to this...   Motherboard, Harddrives, and everything else is 2013 and newer....any suggestions folks?  I can support PCI Express 3.0.   If you can provide pricing as well, it would be totally awesome!  Now, price is of no factor, as long as it is below 500.  That is kind of my budget limit.    
  6. Attack on Titan

    Oh Jeeze!  Attack on Titan is easily a favorite!   The entwining story lines (in teh Manga and Anime) are pretty nifty twists now and then.   A few other favorites are Gurren Lagan, Gundam, Sword Art Online, Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell!
  7. Gummy01 Official Introduction

    Well thank you all for the replies on my intro.   Wanted to do something a bit different outside of the normal blah blah blah intro.  So I did!   @[member='Type2dk'] - Thank you! @[member='darkelf1'] - Thank you! @[member='FeatherSton3'] - Thank you!  Although Alaska is a HUGE area, I actually know a few of the officers that showed up on the show.  We are a tight knit bunch of folks. @[member='Kawaiisu'] - Thank you!
  8. Well, here it is folks!   Just another typical Vanilla introduction to slowly start seeping into the cracks. Or is it?   Well to be bluntly honest, we might never know!   I am Gummy01, or Will, or William as my parents have knighted me with this name.  I find it rather fitting.  We shall get alone swell I do believe, as long as there are no "Free Willies".   I am twenty-five now, and started all my gaming back oh so many years ago on the classic SNES games in my next-door neighbors basement, bundled up in blankets (I am currently residing in Alaska, and it does get cold!) with game controller, hand, and head being the only thing exposed to the air.   Since then, moved around here in the state a bit with my folks, and now currently reside in Anchorage, Alaska for probably good. I have a skewed work work and typically work Saturday to Tuesday, and 3 days weekends find me on Planetside 2 mixed with skiing and just biking around the town and trails nearby.   I very much so enjoy gaming, and models.  Either the kind you can paint and put together, Warhammer 40k (Probably too much time and money on this one), or even the Steel types.   I try to give anything I am interested in my all, but lets be honest.  There are a TON of games out there.  Especially with the evil money-sucking genius's at Steam can attest to this....   In the time of being active with ADK in Mid-September, I am always on Team Speak (and in the proper channel too! haha) either grouped up with the Outfit, or trying to get some sort of a team together for some excellent Cert Farming!   Basically that is a brief synopses of myself, from myself. I will leave you with a few shower thoughts for the time being as well - as kind of a 'Oh.' feeling     If Homer Simpson was a Democratic congressman from Springfield, Ohio, he would have the title of Homer Simpson (D-OH) Once you have a PhD, every meeting you go to will be a doctors meeting. Have you ever thought that maybe History is such a long and hard class, is because we keep adding to it?

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