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  1. Blockade of Kappa Fornacis!

    Well the news says it's going great and congrats on your ship
  2. Blockade of Kappa Fornacis!

    I want to thank everyone that has helped the federal blockabe the passed 2 days in responce to this post, the out come looks great so far. Every little bit help, and helpful with the next newsletter the blockabe will gain ground. Thanks to those that kill farmers in space or help out by trading goods with the federal league via bullitin board for goods to aid the blockade , and killing farmer leaders and generals, with the assassination missions. I hope this support continues until the blockade is successful
  3. Blockade of Kappa Fornacis!

    Do the trading missions that the federal league there has, this is about winning the blockade in for the feds, not really for money or for rep, it's story
  4. Blockade of Kappa Fornacis!

    Well as some of you know The Federation is blockading the Kappa Fornacis System for the drug Onion Head. Me and Spyder headed there to kill a few, but I'd like to see how much of an impact we can make. So I'm asking anyone that is welling to help. Weather it would be in a Capital Ship or Conflict Zone gaining Bonds, or doing missions for the federal League party in the system, all help would be nice, as kinda a test of what we can do and how much it will effect things to come. For the missions you can use a hauler or something, doesn't need to be combat oriented, all those missions help the story! But be sure your doing it for the Federal League and not anyone else, read what mission your accepting or we could be aiding the farmers and that's not the objective.   Plus the Capital Ship zones is easy credits, not much, but its really easy and fun.   Let's see if we can make a difference!
  5. Book saying hello!

    Welcome, good to have you!
  6. Herro all da nice people!

    Hello good to have you!
  7. Launch Trailer

    Yea, still really bad ass!!!
  8. Gamma 2.0

    Wow big update!! can't wait to get off work to play!!!
  9. NO release wipe confirmed!!

    That's Great, times to get focused!! Long Live the Empire!
  10. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    Yea I know, But there is a page on Steam. The game will be coming out soon. That what meant by it. I feel more conformable when steam finally released the game page so you can view, see features, pre-order ( which is not out yet) and see an a date which only says early 2015 right now. It's the first step lol
  11. Dying Light

    In some way I agree but the combat looks really fluid and fun, but like all games the come out these day, we will just have to wait and see
  12. Hey Everybody!

    Right!! But his voice has so many auditory memories for me lol, hes been there from the first solid. I'm not saying it's going to be bad, I'm sure it will be all well and good, it's just, it will not be the same. He is a legend of the Snakes after all. We shall see, I just don't like waiting :,( I want it to come out already, but its good that they are taking they're time and hopefully making something epic like all the rest!
  13. PC Video Cards

    I'm wondering the same thing! My laptop is now getting to old for the games coming out. Yeah its a lap top but its not bad at all! The Graphics Card and the CPU is getting dated. Now that I'm out the Marine Corps and I can settle down and stick to one spot rather than moving all the time, with deployments and training schedules, It's time to upgrade to a desktop. But my big focus will be the CPU and GPU, everything else will be easy. Right now I have a G 670M and its no longer cutting it was well as I want it to, It still preforms well for a mobile unit but I want more! Like Gummy01 asked, Whats a good GPU and a CPU that has a descent price? it doesn't have to be top of the line, just up-to-date. So if anything else this is kinda a BUMP
  14. Hey Everybody!

    Right!! All we can do is wait and see. But i have full faith and confidence in Hideo's and the konami team! They have always impressed me and pulled all the stops! As long as they keep the game rich in story and don't make it a Peace walker with better graphics. I loved Peace Walker but felt there was not enough story as compared to the other ones which I understand is because it started on PSP. I don't mind that most of the game is a cut scene lol cause in the pasted it was like playing/watching a really long move or tv show. Kinda bummed about Snakes voice though, that hurts!
  15. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    What we have all been waiting for!! Even better it is getting the First Person View mode!! Although it kinda upsets me that I have to restart all my multiplayer work!! and the multiplayer is probably going to be nerfed already!! And hopefully they will have the bank heist like that promised on the last gen systems! I really hope ADK will start something on the multiplayer, maybe not something legit, but like payday2, at least some groups and coop action.

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