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  1. Hello!

    Thank you First Time on TS tonight - I didn't say a word...not that what TS is made for...Next try will go better...

    Noticed that the Issue is still open. So +1.
  3. Hello!

    Tbh - the only reason I tried it were the frostbite engine. I've never tried a beta, just saw a youtube video and thought: "Ok DICE - you have my full attention. I will see and feel this." I've seen other FPS before like Far Cry, Medal of Honor etc. But I never tried them myself. There was nothing on them that took my attention longer than 10 Minutes So, I bought BF3, installed it and asked a friend what my job is. He gave me one advice: 'Shoot on everything with something red over the head.'. I tried the Campaign for 30 Minutes. That was boring...running around with Bots was bloody annoying stuff. So I tried it online - and I'm still there. I do progress (you have no idea what happend in the first...50 hours... of my gaming ^^) ... slow, but I do And it's fun, looks good and gives me the chance to meet up with ppl all over the world. Short: It does excactly that what I want from a game: it entertains me Beside the point that it must be an unsolveble Problem for EA/DICE to fix some major bugs in an acceptable time (if 'my' programmers would work like this, and my boss would act like this to our clients...) and that I don't have any other games to compare - I've to say: I like it. And now: last deployment of the day is running. Then home (ALT+Tab), and then I hope to hear some of you. Have a nice evening!
  4. Hello!

    Thank you for the welcomes. And yes, tonight i'll join TS. See you there
  5. Hello!

    Hello! I'm Tine. You can find me on BF3 as Sherlock2803. I'm *cough* years old (ok - 35), and working as a technical project manager for an online agency here in Hamburg. I love my job - and in january I found out that I love to shoot too BF3 is my first shooter, my first mulitplayer game ever. I'm not high skilled - but I love playing as team together. Running through the maps in Squads is great, only topped by the chance to talk with your mates while doing this. Today I've played the first time on your BF3-Servers, really enjoyed it and so I'll be back the next time. Not much more to say about me...but if you have any questions - feel free to ask

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