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    poopin great
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    super crazy awsome
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    hybrid ssd
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    dat razer doe
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    its pretty freakin cool ;)
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    amazing razer chroma,blackwidow 2014,razer kraken 7.1 chroma

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  1. Welp hello there...

  2. Welp hello there...

  3. welp my computer crapped out so i have to wait for new parts :(

  4. Welp i just got this game.

    I just got this game and i kinda want to know what should i do first or what ship to go for?
  5. If anyone has a free copy or wants to be the best person in the world, im here and would be vary happy to have this game. Please help out a feelo ADK member. Thank you :)
  6. Welp hello there...

  7. Ok im kinda looking to become a admin for planetside2 or just a teamspeak admin. I have a ton of ts3 admin experience. I admined for a sorta big community of about 25-30 people for a two years. So i was just wondering what the requirements were and if i meet them. Thank You :D 
  8. Welp hello there...

  9. Welp hello there...

  10. ashtiger camo on planetside2 is amazing.

  11. ARMA 3

    When i play arma3 i get vary bad frames. Anyone have any suggestions on getting better frames/fps.
  12. i want black friday to come faster.

  13. Unlocked the Bow today


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