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  1. Need New Gaming Headset

    I would recommend some turtle beaches cause their surround sound and super cheap and come with a 2 year warranty great sound quality those or steel series headsets
  2. Upgrade my CPU or stay with this one?

    I would recommend upgrading atleast and i3 their pretty cheap and have some of the same specs as i5's if you find the right one
  3. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    Can't wait for all the mods to come with this gta its gonna be so sick hopefully their are some mods like arma life with it .
  4. [Street Fighter Online]

    Great remake of a classic game for a free to play spent a few hours on it reminiscing the good ole days of gaming. 
  5. I'm So excited for h1z1 its going to be the new game changer that this genre needs to get it popping again with planetside 2 running as amazing as it does i feel like they are gonna do it right!!
  6. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    Black coffee and jack Daniels with Cheese covered bagels 
  7. Favorite music?

    Im an oldschool rap and metalhead but i listen and like music in every genre from johnny cash to bone thugs to the doors to lamb of god you can find good music anywhere!!
  8. Star wars battlefront is going to be off the chain !!! im so damn excited for this game been waiting along time to chop some jedi heads again and blaster rifle my way to victory!!
  9. Advice on a new mouse?

    I would recommend the Apex series raw mouse if your looking for a good gaming quality mouse with not a lot of button clutter , it has four extra buttons besides the standard three a nice firmware and settings interface on your computer and its really easy to adjust the mouse dpi and polling rate witch i would recommend at 1000Hz for best performance. i have had mine now for two years and have loved it . the led light the lights up the mouse can be turned off or set to strobe you can also set the brightness. its only 40 bucks to! great deal
  10. ElbertFrost

    Im ElbertFrost Real name D . I play DayzSA Cs:Go Leauge Dota 2 AndDAyz Mod.

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