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  1. SWToR

    i suppose everyone here isnt on a oceanic server ? if so hit me up im on the carebear out of the three cant remember name off the top of my head lol
  2. wow i got this game because i enjoyed the previous ones but never did i think it would of drawn me in this much lol good game
  3. haha good mix on the old tune =]
  4. Anyone heard much about it ? Ive only read a few reviews seems alright. Whats everyone else's opinions ?
  5. bf3 tips

    Cheers sticky those videos are really helpful. I recommend other players in my position to definitely check them out.
  6. Hey All

    But hard work In the middle of the bush with red dirt everywhere lol Strangely faster internet then in the city.
  7. bf3 tips

    Ahh cheers for the link rex =] and will do, im getting there just getting used to it but far better then cod.
  8. bf3 tips

    Hey all Just started bf3 been a cod player mostly but have now seen the light lol Was just thinking if I and also other players in my position could get some tips on how to change thier gameplay and just general bf3 need to knows. Cheers
  9. Cheers for that and simple to understand =]
  10. Solo would probably only last like 6-7 hours like the rest and not really a fan of the robots :/ sounds pretty lame imo
  11. Hey All

    My names Blake, im 21 and i live in Perth Western Australia. atm im working as a diesel mechanic at the mines here in WA looking forward to getting into more of the competitive side of playing and meeting new people!

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