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  1. Nintendo love on adk

    By popularity I mean more events featuring Nintendo games and or live streams
  2. Nintendo love

    Nintendo did release about 2 weeks back to a group of premium members a poll on are thoughts on if they should port meany Nintendo games from the gamecube era and back to pc and I checked last week and it was a landslide Victory for them to do so so maybe we will see some Nintendo games hit steam or maybe even a Nintendo store on pc
  3. Hello everyone and today im going to give you a few great games To go try out for a variety of Nintendo systems. First desert storm its a great military shooter second I completely recommend the original pokemon games third I recommend the mother series there great wonderful heart warming games that can make you happy sad cheer you up laugh to death there just great and deserve more attention then what they receive fourth I whole heartedly recommend the donkey kong country series. With much love as always ill see you guys in the next chapter
  4. Iv always loved Nintendo and as such it has a soft spot in my heart and id love to see alittle more Nintendo love on adk :) much love everyone thanks for reading
  5. Nintendo love

    Iv always loved Nintendo I grew up the a gamecube and a gba I still have them and love them im planning on doing a lets play of a few pokemon games and the desert storm series if anyone has any ideas or thoughts about this id appreciate any help I can get with my first lets play and Id love for adk to get some gameplay footage aswell much love guys and ill see you in the next chapter
  6. ARMA 3

    Lower graphics and make sure no background programs are running but I would recommend playing standalone because after the post the epoch creator made I see very few major servers coming up for arma 3
  7. hello im george

    Hello all glad your enthusiasm im glad to be here
  8. hello im george

    hello I am George im 16 and one of my hobbies is gaming on competitive and normal levels I mostly like playing dayZ and battlefield 4 I have a lot of video game knowledge that may or may not be useless :D . im mostly a very nice person unless you get on my bad side I try to be the hero when I play a game and help the newer people out. I am currently fighting depression on a high level but meeting all the wonderful =ADK= members that iv meet so far and just having good old fun has helped me quite a lot so I do appreciate all you wonderful people.. well that's the intro to me  

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