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  1. Happy new year adk

    Hey,Adk members it's  the start of a new year. Wow its gone by fast for me,I hope this year is all that you want it too be. Im sure there will be drama,issues,But hey that dosent mean we cant have a  Great year right?Well i know its not the 1st yet but i thought i would wish everyone a happy  new year early. Love you all <3.
  2. The terror has reached the rift!

    Lol,She looks so fun but those tunnels are so annoying.
  3. I wont be on ts for two more days,But ill be on leauge if you catch me on send me a invite iv been spending time with the fam during the day.

  4. Katarina

  5. Katarina

    So,I started a game of league alone. pretty normal,It was a basic team only my side had a duo top. It started off great and by the time bot won its lane i was already 5 and 0. So yea i was proud i won my lane,So i should be  proud right? And that's where the problems started i ended up someone carrying . The problem was we had a garen that was fed by the duo top don't ask me how. So,He's tanky as fuck and i do nothing too him,Mind you i was 14 and 0 by then. But hey it was ok because i got a GA  and now i  could come back. When everything was said and done i ended up 22 and 5 Garen got me a few times. I wasn't able too get away from his silence. Anyway back too the point so,Our rhyze decides he wants too baron. We told him no because of garen,We needed more strength before we tried. He gets mad and says he's not helping the team then,Like ok wtf? We were in the enemy base while our rhyze was just chilling in the enemy jungle. I basically had too bitch at him and threaten him for him too team fight with us tho we lost the team fight before he started too help again,I was so mad you know the feeling where you're doing so well but someone on your team could cause you too lose?   XD I felt that threw and threw,But hey we finally did baron and shoved and won,So everything was fine until the enemy garen,Says i bet you're proud,But you shouldn't be kat's a basic champ,And shes for noobs,Now i agreed about me being a noob for i have alot too learn still. But i was angry because hey i ended up 22 and 5 and the game lasted 30 something minutes,I could have died way more within that time span.So,Yea i was proud but what pissed me off was that he was so mad they lost that he had too bring me down and try too one up me by stating the champ i was playing took no skill,While the champ he was playing took no skill as well then he goes on too say i bet you cant play mele's. By that time i told him what a bitch he was  and left :3. -vent done-
  6. Here There be Dragons!

    *Mind blown*  You wrote so much,See i dont really jungle. Im trying too start it and learn how i know where the camps are. And what each buff does but i seem too not have it down . Like watching lanes and knowing when too go too them.  Heh.
  7. Here There be Dragons!

    @[member='Raiku-Kawisa'] I must destroy you before you  taint my dragon lady. :OO XD I  use her top. Agreed the new jungle is slightly weird but it looks amazing .
  8. Here There be Dragons!

    @[member='Raiku-Kawisa'] Welcome too the world of ADK,Btw dragon ladies mine >.> :3. Shyvana's me babe ;D.
  9. Hello people of ADK

    @[member='settleflame'] Welcome too ADK,I hope you have fun here . :3
  10. Well, Hello. I didn't see you there.

    @[member='Luckytrip777'] Welcome too ADK,It's a nice community and i'm sure you will find nothing but great people here. 
  11. Introduction

    @Jec952 Welcome to adk,It's a great place too meet new friends and lasting game partners. :3 Have a nice time.
  12. kennen top

    Teemo is god. None shall beat him 

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