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  1. I love that Voli skin. And Eve. Those are probably the only skins that I will buy out of that bunch :P
  2. Creepy spear chick lore

    I love her character. Creepy and all. However I'm still trying to get used to her mobility. Woman can't stand still to save her life.  XD Bad joke is bad.
  3. Riot is rewarding the positive players :)

    @[member='Skid']   Haha. At least you are committed to your choice :P   @[member='Luis']   I'm loving it too :D
  4. rank in solo queue

    I  am currently silver 5. I was silver 4 recently but I got on a nasty losing streak. Anyways, I got there by practicing every role in normals so I was good enough to fill all of them as needed by my team.
  5. Riot is rewarding the positive players :)

    @[member='Joey']   Nope, they have given out IP boost but as @[member='Phreaktaco'] said, last year it was changing your password. And (I could be wrong) I believe the one before that was verifying your email address.
  6. Hello people of ADK

    Welcome to the forums! I hope to see you around :)
  7. Hello all of you lovely people!   Finally Riot is rewarding all the positive league players! If you haven't received a chat restriction or ban in the 2014 season you will be getting a 4 win IP boost! So look for that when you log in!    As a nifty bonus you can post on this League of Legends thread to see a some of your chat logs. If that interests you, here is the link.   http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/l3wHwtIl-rewards-for-positive-play   Have fun Summoners!
  8. League of Legends Ranked Team and Plans

    @[member='Zudamour']   As far as I know the third team is going to be    Me Matt - Nightmare Scott - Yanes Levi - TG skullstomper   And Emily was supposed to be on it but with her ban that it isn't going to happen.
  9. New map awards.

    @[member='Joey']   I cannot for the life of me get the other one T^T
  10. 4 days of 50% off sales

    @[member='Joey']   I'm not going to get that many XD
  11. 4 days of 50% off sales

    @[member='Phreaktaco']   Lmao! It isn't cheating.   @[member='Joey']   Happy belated birthday :3
  12. 4 days of 50% off sales

    @[member='Phreaktaco']   No I'm not :P I can get early birthday money XD
  13. 4 days of 50% off sales

    @[member='Phreaktaco']   Hell yeah. My birthday is in 19 days :P
  14. 4 days of 50% off sales

    I know my fellow Admin Nightmare posted about the sales. But there are the exact sale dates/times,  and skins!   00:01 PST November 28 - 23:59 PST November 28   Baron Von Veigar - 487 RP Vandal Gragas - 487 RP Coral Reef Malphite - 375 RP Almost Prom King Amumu - 260 RP Deadly Kennen - 260 RP Freljord Ashe - 260 RP Longhorn Alistar - 260 RP Recon Teemo - 260 RP Tribal Ryze - 260 RP   00:01 PST November 29 - 23:59 PST November 29   Exiled Morgana - 487 RP Vandal Twitch - 487 RP Mad Scientist Singed - 375 RP Bilgerat Rumble - 260 RP Deep One Kassadin - 260 RP Galactic Renekton - 260 RP Marble Malphite - 260 RP Road Warrior Miss Fortune - 260 RP Vandal Brand - 260 RP     00:01 PST November 30 - 23:59 PST November 30   Infiltrator Irelia - 487 RP Vandal Vladimir - 487 RP Perseus Pantheon - 375 RP Executioner Mundo - 260 RP Glacial Olaf - 260 RP Noxus Hunter Anivia - 260 RP Stinger Akali - 260 RP Vandal Jax - 260 RP   00:01 PST December 1 - 23:59 PST December 1   Sabretusk Sejuani - 487 RP Viscero Xin Zhao - 487 RP Viking Tryndamere - 375 RP Count Vladimir - 260 RP Hot Rod Corki - 260 RP Prototype Viktor - 260 RP Tempest Janna - 260 RP Void Nocturne - 260 RP  
  15. @[member='HaRdLy007']   Hehe. You are a little late. But I thank you none the less!

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