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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. Fall0ut :D

    @[member='Fall0ut_Streams'] whats up zach, im glad your deciding to pu tin an app :) ive seen you on our Dayz servers alot. You seem to be a pretty good dude, ive never had a problem with you. and at times youve made my night by squad wiping someone while i was spectating haha. keep up the good work brotha. come find me in ts if you need anything in gmae or out. thats what we are here for.
  2. This guy right here tho...

    @[member='Dohja']   Good to meet you brotha, i just followed your stream! What are your streaming hours? and make sure to come find and hang out with us in the TS DayZ channels. My wife @[member='AudreysVortex'] also streams, and @[member='GeekDucks'] runs =ADK= media section  if your interested in meeting other Media Members and streamers.
  3. Howdy

    @[member='PlayMaker98'] Welcome! my wife and i also play wow, the expansion isnt the greatest but oh well, hit us up if you play horde and like to pvp, i also play dyaz and am an admin. so if you ever give that a try let me know! im always in the ts. my wifes forum name is @[member='AudreysVortex'] we both love to meet new people let us know! and wlecome again
  4. I came in like a wrecking ball

    Hey @[member='Mee'] glad your wanting to become part of the team! ive seen you and chatted with you on many different occasions, your good people. do you have any other interests outside of adk or gaming? let us know a little more about you as a person. As always make sure to continue to be active in ts. as far as the kinks go im glad your working with us to get through them and i hope they can be resolved as quickly as possible. ive seen your crew work and you guys are a force to me reckoned with. hope to see all of you stay and continue to tear it up!
  5. Here goes nothing.....

    Love this and hope people comment. great idea :) sooooo how about you kick us off, whats your most memorable moment from your time in the service and why? 
  6. Hi, this is Audrey

    oh know, trouble has entered the building lol.... and i wear the pants mrs @[member='AudreysVortex'] ;) 
  7. .........hi

    TS - https://www.dropbox.com/s/1lez5gr3je2s2o1/TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-3.0.16.exe?dl=0
  8. .........hi

    woohoo.... hug back.. glad your giving us a try! and if all else fails pull up some mario or pong :P cant go wrong there haha. i started as an 11b1P (airborne infantry) then went to ranger school and RIP served 2 years with 3rd ranger batt and went to sniper school in ft benning. done multiple deployments with them and then went into Sopse or special forces selection where i currently reside here in ft bragg NC as a lrrs team leader. every job has its cog in the machine so no hate from me :P all love.  one of these days youll have to school me up on the whole wiccan religion im a patient man and i like to learn as much as i can about anything and everything. ive sen multiple documentaries on it but you know how that oes, wiccans are witches which is bad blah blah blah... it would be nice and refreshing to get schooled up by someone who knows exactly what it is and not someone trying to fabricate things for a paycheck. im a very open minded person. ive seen @[member='RuinyourDay'] around hes a cool guy, real laid back. howd you two meet? if you dont mind me asking. its cool to see your open to the video game world haha. i actually met my wife on xbox believe it or not :D
  9. .........hi

    Well hello @[member='AirOfLightWitch'] :)! nice to meet you, my names Tayler and im also from a military background. i enlisted when i was 17 and been in ever since. i thank you for your service by the way, always nice to get to know fellow service members and vets. its awesome to see someone unafraid of being proud of who they are. the wiccan religion from what i understand is a very complex and interesting belief system. id love to know a bit more about how you came into studying wiccanism (dunno if thats what its called but you know what i mean). also any other interests outside of gaming or adk in general? and lastly what games do you play!   you can always find me in the DayZ channels of the teamspeak or in the main lobby if im greeting new players. im easy to approach and probably able to relate to alot given our military backgrounds.   hope to see you around and welcome to adk :)
  10. Veteran Admin Promotions - 11/24/2014

    Congratulations guys !
  11. Hello =ADK=

    Hey Buddy! Welcome to ADK and thank you for reffering me. the people in adk have been nothing but good to me and the community's sense of maturity seems strong. hope your stay in adk is as good as mine!
  12. Hello All,      My IGN is Shifty, real name is Tayler. I have been playing DayZ Epoch on the =ADK= Server for a while now and have loved all the ups and downs of it so far. The Staff has been helpful and has done nothing but further my experiences on their server. As for me, i am a 22 year old Male who enjoys first person shooters, MMO's, and Sandbox Shooters. Im currently serving my 5th going on 6th active duty year in the US Army. I joined at 17 and spent my 18th birthday in Afghanistan. Upon Leaving Basic i completed Airborne School and RIP (RASP) as it is now called, from there i was stationed with 3/75 Rangers HHC Scouts. i deployed 3 times on 110 day power deployments with them and received my CIB and a Bronze Star w/ V indicator. On my second tour with them i was shot 2 times in my upper back and once on my left side (fully healed) and recieved a Purple Heart w/ V indicator. On return i recovered and went through sniper school, SEERs 1,2,3 and stalker school. i also have Gryphon group and language school under my belt. Going on my 3rd year i Decided i wanted to further my career  so i opted to go to SFQC, after 2 years of the q course i graduated as a 18B weapons SGT where i was stationed with 3rd SFG at Ft Bragg NC where i currently reside. I have deployed twice with 3rd SFG and am currently recovering from injuries on my last deployment so i have alot of free time on my hands when I'm not at work or doing physical therapy. I'm a little hard of hearing from gun shots, explosions and being in helicopters most of my army career. I'm also legally blind in my left eye and in a wheel chair or using a cane to get around. I have a Beautiful wife who also plays the mod as well as Standalone, but she mostly streams WoW. I think that about sums it up about who i am and what I'm about. Hope to see you guys around. Feel free to hit me up in game anytime or in the ADK TS.   Thank you for your time, Shifty Tayler.

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