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  1. Thankyou for the fun PawZ^.^ and fair well

    Thankyou @[member='Joey'] much appreciate I will be around just not so much on team speak
  2. Thankyou for the fun PawZ^.^ and fair well

    It was a problem that I didn't have enough substance in my 20 posts And I don't feel that it was fair in comparison to other people and that me being an active member of this community for a month was not enough It is My fault for being proud and stubborn but I feel that it was not a fair call and I don't belive in fillings. 20 posts with random things to just grain acceptence
  3. as i was informed recently there are complications with my Accpetance as a member of ADK    And as a result i will be takeing my Leave   i only think it is fair that i thank all of you for the fun few weeks    I enjoyed myself and i feel i am a better layer as a result and i have met some awsome people that were great to talk to and game with   i will no longer be On the Team speak    Thank, you for the experiences and i love you all    PawZ<3'sU!All
  4. Im thinking about getting Mordkiser for top lane.  anyone have any tips?     i find alot of my roles when i top is to freeze lane and be team utility tank and so i want to work on some champs that dominate the lane naturally and can help carry late game. as most of my champs fall off late game if not feed    Any Tips For me would be Great even Builds or Runes would help me out 
  5. ADK Event idea

    I would Love to assist you in that ^.^ i think it could be very useful and can help people get better 
  6. PawZ's Fine Art

    thankyou alll
  7. My new found addiction for season 5

    to put it in terms of Music  playing support is like being a bass player in a  band        no one notices you unless you  mess up lol    its a thankless job  and frustrating when you do everything you can to help your ADC out of danger for them to run back in and die after     http://static.fjcdn.com/gifs/Every+time+i+play+support_02a92b_4930563.gif
  8. A Different Kind Team 2

    PM Links to me i would love to see some ^.^
  9. A Different Kind Team 2

    i have his info  
  10. League of Legends Event

    if we do ARAM my one rule is before you Can't Fight untill you  both Feed your poro's  Because Lets face it they cant fend for them Selves and we are give htem their only Source of food :P 
  11. A Different Kind Team 2

    So i have Info for  @[member='Luis'],@[member='Aseeraa'],@[member='Poisoned Curse']     I Would Love if You Guys PM'ed me  your Main Role and  3 Champions you Enjoy/your good with in that role,  And Then  2 Champions in a Secondary role    That way i can get to Aseeraa a list of A viable Team Comp that allows us to play the Roles and Champions We love.     @[member='Baja Blast'],@[member='Professor Wonder'],@[member='Greenshaw']
  12. PawZ's Fine Art

    @[member='gozzen'],@[member='KatnissEverddeen'],@Everddeen,@[member='darkelf1'],@[member='HaRdLy007'],@[member='DasBoSchitt'],@[member='Nastyauntjil'],   [spoiler][/spoiler] Mazed and Confused  -  Conté on Foamcore   [spoiler][/spoiler] Tower Blocks II - Acrylic on Masonite    [spoiler][/spoiler] Dimensional Rule - Acrylic on Masonite     Sorry About the large image sizes my photographer had them scaled that large for looking at the Details.   But you all wanted to  see some of my art       
  13. Mid Karma So the Bascis to palyign Karma mid Is don’t get caught, your Strongest When they are Chasing you. Karma can Dominate a Lane, but she Lacks hard CC and wave clearing under the turret, so your objective is the keep your distance and hold them at bay with your Harassing Q’s   The good and bad plays of Karma Tend to be based around what skills you need to use your ult with. For Example when your Team is Seiging A lane you can Do 2 things hold out your ult for a Team Fight when you can shield all of your Team   or  if you have a good shot at the enemy ADC Half  his hp with Your ult’ed Q   Karma is good at pushing the enemy out of lane or Freezing the lane, she is a bully more often then not.  But don’t forget, your not a carry. You are a utility mage only having Q and W are your damage limits you to needing low CD So I Start everygame with Athens unholygrail If your doing good start your Death cap If your agisnt a tanky team start your Lindrays Torment   And if you need to keep your enemy in lane get Morellonomicon  that will max your CD and keep them from sustaining and push them from lane lots.   Your final build idealy is Athens Unholy Grail Death Cap Zhonys Hourglass Morellonomicon ( Or if you use Masteries for 10%cd off the start get  Will of the Ancient will give you exsactly 40%) Lindras Torment And Socr Boots   ~ Runes ~ 3 Ability Quintessence   - 9 Magic Pen Marks - 9 Armour seals – 9 Magic Resist Glyph   Masteries 4/0/26   - this gives 10% CD  which keeps the your utility as useful as possible.   With full build  you have .   AP – 578 Magic Pen is   -  38 Max CD  40% HP – 2177 Armour - 140 MR - 67     If You want to Learn More   im QwiKPawZ on League just MSG me ill find some tiem to teach you a thing or two ^.^   PawZ
  14. A Different Kind Team 2

    Mondays Game -   I Will likly not Be able to join in on Monday, as My Girlfriend is getting a Scholarship and they are Awarding it to her on Monday there is a chance ill be back and can play  some rounds after that but i cant say for sure  i can be there as it starts at 5pm my time and dosent end untill everone gets their awards.   - So i need someone to fill my role.-   PawZ - Support or Top -   
  15. A Guide For ~Passive Aggressors~ and Lane shovers! Mid Playing!   Hello Everyone so for the few people that do want to play mid, there are a few Roles of Mid champs you can select. You have your AP Carries(Hyper carries) – like Katarina – Diana –akalia - Fizz   -        These are champs that as soon as they start to get their kills they snow ball and mid lane needs all the help they can get. Lane Domination-  this is your Pushers and Harassers   - Ryze –Ziggs- Anivia-Swain   -        people who are easily able to farm while keeping a harass on you and bullying you out of lane Passive aggressors!  This is also Ryze and Annie and Syndra   this is your Champs threat attack you rarely , mostly just enough to push you off their farm and then they farm, when you make the mistake of coming to close they unleash everything and most of the time kill you or push you out of lane hard.   Then you get your AD mids – Normally not a good option unless jungle is AP Talon  Zed- Yasuo     Passive Agressors!  Ahir – Ahir’s tend to play passively until 6  some of them just farm until your out of position then charm you. Everyone and then they throw a charm to see if they can get a few good hits and send you back   Anivia – Anivia’s play passive Aggressive almost all game they run when your engaging and engage when your Farming, if they land a Q then will almost always follow with an E for maximum burst.  ( Beware they get really bursty  unexpectedly and it catches most people off guard)   Annie- Annie is the kind of champ where if she gets fed say goodbye to everyone standing near each other. She has the capability to Stun and Squish all your Squishy Team mates. So keep your distance and Poke her down, keep her needing to go back to get her Mana and HP back.   Brand – Brand has the option on how he plays he can play very passively and become more Aggressive and I have seen him as a lane Bully lots.   Karma – Karma has A lot of Damage from A Little AP so be careful  her Q will Drop you half if she ults with it and stand far back from your minions it is easy to hit minions and slash damage onto you. Also When she Leashes you do your Best not to get Snared with it after 2 seconds. They refer to her as the magic Machinegun because of the Amount of Q’s She Can throw, 4 seconds later she can fire another 1 and if it hits it lowers her ults cool down and makes the harass all the harder.   Lux  - Much like Karma Lux is a High Burst Champ with a great snare. She is high utility and damage  this is a dangerous combo. Do your best to not chase her and just burst her down. And don’t ignite her unless she has used her shield or she will walk away unhurt. Morgana – Morgana will Farm and Farm. And zone you until she can poke you down and go all in for the kill.  She is a high DPS and can easily Snare you and place the soil and then Ignite you and your done.  Try to bait out her ult on 1v1 Battles so that she doesn’t have it for Team fighs.   Oriana - another Zoning mage probably one of the best, she is more ability utility then Damage and can unexpectedly turn a team fight around with her ult and shields. Do your best to bully her out of lane.   Ryze – he is a Free farmer and will harass you with his Q when your in range, due to his Mana scaling attacks he tend to use a lot of abilitys to clear waves, push him to his turret and prevent him farming.   Syndra – syndra’s I know go all out after lvl 6 and then again after they start to max their skills. So be carful of her ult if your lower then half  she will attempt to stun and finish you with ult. Do your best to keep your distance and try to get a jungler in to help you so she has to divider her damage over 2 people.   Vel’Koz – Velkoz can be both aggressive or Passive  aggressive tend to use too much mana so they stick with shots that will hit you and minions so Again don’t Stand in your minions. AOE’s   Viktor – this is a Passive aggressor, post 6 he is easy to run through your Defenses with his weird Directory lasers and his rushing Q attack if you can dodge his laser you wont die in that Scrimmage, he does alof of damage when he combo’s but he has long cool downs and after using his ability’s has to back down or will die. This beign Said ater he uses his Stun Rush him   Lane Shovers Anivia ( Post 6)  After lvl 6 Anivia Will do almost Everything to keep you Against your tower and make it impossible to Roam without losing all your turrets.   Brand- And Aggressive Brand tends to be mana hungry until late game and then he can take your Tank down the quickest. Be smart and keep him stun locked if possible.   Cassiopeia  - Cassi pokes with her Q  zones with her W and DPS’s With her E so Be carful she tends to bring in a lot of unexpected damage and tends to do the best when chasing you, us this to your power.   Herimerdinger – He doesn’t like to give up and room for you to farm and harass you with turret shots everywhere. Jungle ganks are most efficient at take your lane back- the other way you can win is to Be a lane Bully off the start keep him down and under his turret this makes him place his Turrets Defensively to protect himself instead of harassing you.   Karthus – harasses with his Q  farms with his AOE and shreds MR with his wall.  He can also get a lot of assists by using his ult. Be carful and attempt to kill him when he Starts to use his ult. Your team will thank you.   Lissandra – Lissandra will use her Pokes to keep you near low and go in for the kill with her stun.  She is a champ that does the most damage when your chasing them.   Malzahar – minions minions minions.  He will out push you if you don’t take care of his minions.  If you keep Taking them out he cant farm as good. Also he wastes all his mana on all the spells needed to resummon them. This makes this lane easy to take if he has to go back for mana   Swain – Swain is a bully, he will harass you whenever your near him. Do your best to stand back and farm, poke him and get him to use his ult and to get his Hp Back.  A lot of the time freezing your lane when you can get your jungler to help is the best way to approach this champ.   Veigar -   After Mid game and he has a bit of farm on his Q he can start to sue his Stuns offensively and keep you pinned to the turrets. Where you miss farm and he slowly snowballs you, and in every team fight your going to be his target. Do you best to win this battle in the Early game if you can get him down a few tiems before lvl 6 your doing your Team a great Service. Xerath  as much as you don’t see this champ often those who play him tend to be very good at what they do, they can Stand way back and Poke with a lot of damage. Your best bet is to frezze your lane and poke when his Spells are on Cooldown. This will provide you with a window of damage that will likely make him go back.   Ziggs -  Annoying little bugger, he will Throw bouncing bombs at you a lot. Just keep Moving ( JUST KEEP SWIMMING SWIMMIN SWIMMIN SWIMMIN) and Go all in at him after he uses his Satchel Charge. That way he doesn’t have an escape. Due to his lack of CC he normally cant Get Away if your On top of him.     Zyra -  Zyra is a less annoying Herimerdinger, she has good Burst and DPS so becarful of beign Rooted and Random Q’s  she can drop seeds fast and make it hard to get away with her ult.  Do your best to Beat her down early and then keep a harass up so she cant start to turn it around     I Didn’t Add in the hyper carries because I don’t paly them, Most of the time when you face one if you can bully them out of the Lane you’re doing well. If they start to get kills it could be the end for your team fights.  So try to save your CC for them. 

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