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  1. need to try this with EOD

    No Dynasty ...that was CUTE but not THAT funny. :P
  2. Anyone use IE10?

    Fox/Chrome all the way!   MSIE is known as Internet Exploder!
  3. Restrict Macros?

    Could be ...the perk ...I will double check.   Lag ...also a possibility.   Just feels that I am running with lead in my pants.
  4. Restrict Macros?

    Let's get it on the server and see how it goes. I for one am fed up seeing some people flying past me like I am walking.  Bloody ridiculous and in game they still have the advantage that you cannot catch up to them to knife them in the back. Put it on and level the playing field.   Dynasty you rock for finding that gem.  Here's hoping it does what it say's on the tin!
  5. More no explosives maps?

    I second that motion!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJpcaN3Mx0o&feature=endscreen&NR=1  
  7. The problem with No Expl Metro...

    The adk admins do a great job.   It is a PAIN IN THE ASS to stop your own game play to make everyone elses experience on the server more pleasant. A thankless job for the most part and no matter what you do ....you will have somebody pissed off and being brave over the anonymity of the internet.   Keep up the good work and Thank you!
  8. Chopper Whoring

    Pet hate ...getting into a chopper as a passenger/gunner and the asshole that flies bails over a point they just wanted to get to.   #&*()$)&)*()$(*#)(#&#(Q#(&$Q# and that is the polite version!
  9. 100

    Nice going!
  10. Team? What team?

    I say stone him!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_hlMK7tCks
  11. It's not a glitch.  It's like getting a chair to stand upon.   Yes it is great for the sniper crouch stand and fire the crouch again. If you are not under constant suppression, as previously stated in this thread ...the feckers are easy to kill  ...by another sniper.   So IMHO ...this is no glitch.
  12. When I click on the request button ...this is what I get. Using FF 19.02/MSIE 9 on Windows 7 home 64-bit   Oops! Something went wrong!              [#10149]                      Flood control is enabled. Please wait at least 13 seconds before attempting to search again                            Need Help?          Our help documentation Contact the community administrator     or I get:   Oops! Something went wrong!                                    No permission to view this form.                            Need Help?          Our help documentation Contact the community administrator         Any ideas?     Goosey  
  13. Banned for smoke nades.

    Lock this post ffs :)
  14. Dynasty

    Guys ...BIG HUG!   I enjoy playing with both Apesheet and Dienasty.   With Ape it's like playing whack-a-mole when he is on US side attacking B.  Never know what hole he will suddenly pop ouf of next.  Gotten to the point I end up looking over my shoulder while sitting at my PC ...incase he turns up in real life behind me.   As to Dynasty ...another fun and great player to play with and against.    SO BIG HUG LADIES and let's get back to killing each other!
  15. Banned for smoke nades.

    Fairly stated.  Thank you!

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