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  1. HELP MISSING PING " - " !!!!!

    @[member='jabber63']      I think this is the case too . But the thing is that i didnt use to have any problem with that until before 2 months . Anyway i dont think my parents will be upgrading my rooter any time soon so i have to find something else . Thanks for taking the time to reply
  2. HELP MISSING PING " - " !!!!!

    @[member='tanman348'] i will try using another browser but i dont think it will work i ll let you know :P Thanks for replying
  3.  Since 2 months ago my ping a appears at the scoreboard like this " - "  . I have searched the internet for solutions but everything i have tried failed and i keep having this problem .It is getting really annoying and i cant play on any adk servers because of this ! If anyone know the sollution please reply to me and let me know what to do .    THANKS

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