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  1. INCOMING! Update 4.22. Huge changes

    Needed to step back and take a break from ADK. 
  2. INCOMING! Update 4.22. Huge changes

    Too many changes in off-season.
  3. Hope everyone's Xmas was good :)

  4. No more emails please.

  5. Recording games or helpful videos

    Lol kind of like the idea I posted?
  6. Thankyou for the fun PawZ^.^ and fair well

  7. ADK Event idea

    Whoops sorry, I thought we were talking about my other event request. This one (the instructional videos) was postponed because I didn't know if people would actually listen to a Bronze 4. I guess I can just start basic and talk my way through some of the things @[member='Joey'] was talking about.   Would you guys listen to someone who is so low in solo queue?
  8. ADK Event idea

    I decided not to since I've posted it here and the event section and only received a couple of replies. I know it's a busy time of year so I've decided to hold off until later (I would like to do it in time for the snowdown showdown since I think that will be fun). If I can get more people involved with this to actually make a few teams then I'll be more than happy to put it together. 
  9. A Different Kind Team 2

    This team has been disbanded. All ranked team requests are going to @[member='Zudamour'].
  10. ADK Event idea

    Nope. I'm a lurker. Lol glad I've people who want to help.
  11. ADK Event idea

    OK. I am going to create a league video to help recruit so e of those players and post in the forums and see what I can come up with.
  12. ADK Event idea

    Do you all think having a workshop for newer players would bring people in or even interest people? I was thinking about offering it to get new members and because I like helping people. It doesn't need to be real in depth just helping them out pre-30 or fresh level 30s who want to learn and get better.
  13. 3DS Friend Codes

    I have Pokemon alpha sapphire and x. Friend code is 1607-2356-0684 and my name is aseeraa
  14. League of Legends Event

    So I have put this idea on hold since I only got a response from a couple of people. I may try to do it after the holidays when people are not as busy.
  15. Update

    Dude you are so much fun to play with. Glad you had fun too. @[member='Phreaktaco'] I hope you run into a teemo mushroom mine

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