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  1. Elder Scrolls MMO

    im not sure how that is gonna work making that massive of a game into a mmorpg without changing alot on how the game is played, and the teaser made me laugh i thought it was going to say zales at the end
  2. Hey,hello,hi

    So many ways to say hello, Im GhostlyPresence im 25 soon to be 26 Currently in PA but will be going back to Florida i am who i am, i dont really like going into personal stuff so for that part of me i guess ill put ...Loading.... I do play diffrent types of games as long as there entertaining and i have time sometimes i get very busy,also will be playing the upcomming Diablo 3 aswell Even GW2 <--- well still thinking on that , I like talking on teamspeak gonna pull a cpt. Obvious its way faster then typing. -Error- <---- dont you hate when that comes up

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