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  1. Diablo 3!!

    Ok as you all know Diablo 3 has finally surfaced from the Depth of Hell!! Very Exciting moment in gaming history.. 12 long drawn out years and we finally get the opportunity to play.. I myself am Very stoked, which is why im taking the time to write this post.. I have been a huge fan of Diablo since the 1st games release... My name on there is Flabergast so if anyone wants to join the fun on Diablo at any time i will be playing that most of the time from now on.. I have the gift of being a really good gamer so like i said if you wanna have some fun on one of the most EPIC games of our generation, hit me up and ill play! Thanks for reading this post and hope to see alot of you in Hell helping me kill Demons!!
  2. Hey Everyone! I'm looking for a few good people to help make a Montage.. I have lots of footage and i would love the opportunity to make an Epic movie to post on Youtube for ADK members and others to check out.. Hopefully it can help with some Recruitment... It should be fun and hope to see some action soon!!
  3. Yo!

    Awesome a fellow Polar Bear.. What an Awesome winter we had this year huh?
  4. Yo!

    Heard alot of Girls crying this morning when i was pwning Faces on 24/7 Conquest Metro Hahah!! :-)
  5. Yo!

    Hello everyone!! So glad i can be a part of an Awesome Gaming Community! How fun! So my name is Ron and im 29 Live in Minnesota (USA) I have 2 kids and I am married.. Srry ladies =( Thanks for this Wonderful opportunity and hope to see all of you at the end of my guns.. =) [url="http://www.enjin.com/bf3-signature-generator"][img]http://sigs.enjin.com/sig-bf3/0d669ced4cf1fbd0.png[/img][/url]
  6. Streaming Live

    Ok guys.. Dude named Dokey88 mega cheater on the metro conquest 1000 ticket server.. I have been playing on these servers for weeks and I'm trying to become an active member of this community but this guy I have seen on here for a few days now using a shotgun to get 1st place wins every game.. So I checked his stats cuz he seemed fishy. 100% accuracy is what I found with it and other fishy stats I see that concures my raises eyebrow.. Needless to say he should be banned from these servers for good. I have others that will voughe for what I am saying.

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