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    Hunting, fishing, fast cars, shooting, camping, movies, reading, Si-Fy,

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    Eatmyspud in PS2 and Capt Spud in Elite
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    Win 7 pro
  1. The ships I have are the F7C Hornet and the Reliant   I hope to be a big fat Merchant and support for other traders.
  2. ADK People in Oklahoma

    Hey B4nisH its good to hear from a nother Okie.
  3. The name of my ship would be Spudnick. And as far as a port I like to move around to much to call any place home so I will just go where the money is.
  4. TackIr 4 or 5

    Does anyone use this. I am thinking about getting me one to make to game more enjoyable. I have done some reading on it and it sounds like it works great. I have also read that it is not build very well. If anyone has one please give me a shout so I might ask some questions.
  5. I am going to have to check this out. I am a big Trek/Star Wars fan so anything that will talk back to me would be cool, Other than the kids taking back that is lol
  6. Raz3R's Starlog 4.33010111 152100

    Thanks for putting this out. I really enjoy the feed back of what is out there in the game. Good luck with this.
  7. Key's and mouse for me. I have a X52 some place, storage I bet, I have read good things about the CH line but no one has advised that they are using it. I read that they are better made?, not plastic on the inside?, what do you guy's think?
  8. What is your IGN?

    As of right now I have a IGM of Cpt Spud but when I get home I will change it to =ADK= Spud.
  9. The last post ???

    Ok people this is my last post to be a member of ADK. You guys don't really know me but I hate to type. I do alot of typing at the salt mine so its something i really really hate to do. I am also a procrastinator so I have put this off untill the last day before I have to start the proscess over again. So this is the last one. I do not have to do another one. this is the one. I can play the games that I life no that I love to play. You ask me why? because this is the last one. not one more not one less. just this one. No longer do I get the ramdom poke in TS from you know who telling me that I still have 17 more post to do.8 more post to do. I will thank that little voice for advising me of of the short time that I have. It is now done I do not have to do any more. Yes I will be in game. I will be on TS. but I will not post any more. Why do you ask because that is the last one. this is the end. not one more. I will read all the post that i want to to get the information that you good people have type in your post but I for one will not type any more.                                                                                                      Spud
  10. Reality T.V.

    Do any of you guys watch reality TV, as I set hear coming up with post's the better half is watching Alaska that last fronter. I do enjoy it but i am sure half of it is TV bull crap. I know I have to much time on my hands. I also watch a youtube blog about Alaska. the guy is funny and he shows a lot of Alaska.
  11. This is a series of books that I have enjoyed,  http://www.eventgroupfiles.com/, The Author is David L. Golemon is very good. I have read most of these books and hope that he will write more of them for the series. If you have books that you have enjoyed please send me a message.
  12. Joystick?

    I have asked this question myself. Most do. Not sure what ones the use but they do. Thrust Master comes to find from flying WWII sim's. looking for a new one myself. I would like one with a throttle like the Thrust Master.
  13. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    Pizza large, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, onion's, with a pepis to drink. A fat boy has to have his food.
  14. Turtle Beaches

    I had one of there head sets and it quit after 6 months. it happens but I had a hard time getting to there support. Then they as much as told me that i was out of luck. It was a very good head set for the 6 months that i had it but I will neaver buy anything from them or advises anyone to do so. Go with Razer very good head sets and there support is a lot better. just my opinion.
  15. Sharknado - Live it, love it, marry it

    I liked this movie. but the family got mad at me because i could tell them what would happen before it happend. My bad. That is a bad habbit of mine and it is rud acording to my 16 daughter lol.

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