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  1. Well i do believe it's my time to leave.

    BF 4 is now dead in ADK and i can't afford the rig upgrade to join BF1. Sad considering i've played the whole series since BF1942.

    I really enjoyed my early time in ADK but it seems that all the people i used to game with have gone away. Sorry AOB but since i joined i was told to never contact you and this has left a lasting feeling of not being able to get into the "cliche" of this crew. I will delete my profile soon. I will not delete anyone in my friends list on Steam or Origin unless asked to do so.

    I have made a few good friends and look forward to gamimg with some of you in the future if i ever get an upgrade.

    Surdawi thanks for the original invite.

    1. AOBLXIX


      Based on this post it honestly seems as though you haven't really been around very much recently because ADK isn't just about Battlefield 4, or being able to upgrade your rig to Battlefield 1 for that matter. We have people who play a whole slew of games, and  people who maybe played BF the most but enjoy the company of others around here.  Another reason why I feel like you haven't been around much is because of the fact that on Discord I as well as the rest of the leadership chat with people every day on top of using the forums. 

      So I'm sorry you feel the way you do although it appears that you might not have been around in the past 6 - 8 months to see what's gone on here, but best of luck to you wherever you go! Ciao! 

    2. Surdawi



      Don`t take me off Origin! I`m never around anymore, but when I am I like to see old friends. Also you really don`t have to delete your profile. 

  2. Canada

  3. I finally got my internet fixed so i can finally play again.

  4. Noticed quite a few members complaining that admins don't bother playing with members anymore just camp out together in admin rooms

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Firewalkerrr
    3. Surdawi


      I hear this every time I am here.

    4. LaithSJ


      thats is not true , i always love to play with members , even i consider my self a member before im an admin cuz im like that , always love to play with you guys , but just like today , we had a meeting and sometimes it takes more than an hours to finish .

  5. I will be away for an extended period of time. It's been a lot of fun.

    1. LaithSJ


      sorry to hear that man , good luck .

    2. Sikosis999


      keep in touch man, steam / ts / smoke signals :)

    3. Fluffy_Puppies
  6. If You Missed The Super Bowl It Went Like This

    {\rtf1\ansi\. It was great to see Seattle put up the points but the game was boring to watch for a Super Bowl.
  7. Favorite Baseball Team?

  8. World Cup 2014

    So who picked Costa Rica to go that far?
  9. Hockey

    Live in Vancouver but Bruins fan forever.

    Going to be a good season for Cleveland but I still don't think they'll win it all.
  11. Streaming music on TS

    No problem just thought i'd ask.
  12. Dual monitors to run in BF4

    I'm having trouble running 2 monitors in BF4 and would like some help if anyone has the know how to make them both work. I have 2 27" monitors and it seems a waste ingame to only use one.
  13. Advice on a new mouse?

    I just bought the Logitech G502 Wired and love it so far.
  14. Streaming music on TS

    Does anyone know if it is possible or even allowed to stream music on TS3? I would like to do a test sometime if anyone is interested in trying it out.
  15. Firewalkerrr has landed

    Thanks  Having a good time playing on the BF4 servers.   Warning: Watch your tags Jacknifejones is on an ADK server somewhere!

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