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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

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    windows 8.1 64bit
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    asus formula v
  • Processor
    i7 3770k
  • Graphics
    690 gtx
  • PSU
    1200 antec
  • RAM
    1600 ddr3
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    ssd 250 samsung
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    benq 144hz
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    g9x mouse , steelseries keyboard
  1. Headglitch Video

    i was arguing with OUSSABK - - - >http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/OussaBK/stats/902388582/pc/ hes pretty confidente that was he does its good on the server so i start spectate him hes always doing same thing over and over bi-pod corner (HEADGLITCHING ) so i tell him your shooting trough wall to get kill and hes tell me that our rules on the forum tell him that he can do it so i record him like 30 sec and you can see him shooting way far too the guys getting the kill because hes headglitching   let see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3ZQOOHhGrI&feature=youtu.be   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkVc82X_WCk&feature=youtu.be   tell me what you guys think about that :)
  2. Hey guys, french guy here !

    si ta besoin  d'information en francais viens me voir en pv ou sur teamspeak ca va me faire plaisir de t'aider ;) bienvenue sur adk :D
  3. auto balance getting piss ****

    A chaque fois que jessais de jouer avec des amis je me fais changer de coter meme si je suis en squad avec eux  je suis vraiment rendu tanne j'ai pratiquement pus envie de jouer sur adk @dowin
  4. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    lol dont worrie i dint record that one diesel loll 
  5. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    yeah for sure but make sure your kpm dont go higher then 4.5 because your gonna get ban from adk loll that why i make this video loll
  6. new patch very laggy

    i hope they gonna fix it with a patch ....
  7. new patch very laggy

    but still very laggy :(
  8. new patch very laggy

    since the new patch my game its completly laggy and i dont know why ... here my spec  i7 3770k 690 gtx benq 24 inch 144hz motherboard asus maximus v formula ram ddr3 hard drive ssd samsung 250gb   vertical sync off
  9. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    my video its 30 min but for my dispute they ask me 7 min and i got like 2-3 good killstreak about 16-20 each 
  10. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    try it its pretty fun , you dont need to reload alot lol 
  11. hello from _ELPIPI_MTL

    merci au plaisir de se voir sur le server :) @[member='Dowin']
  12. Low Population Rules - Please Read

    compris et lus @wodin
  13. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    yeah since i play on adk no explosif i really love it , people think they cant spray and get some kill , but when you spray with the mg4 you dont hit anything lol the only reason why i play with it its because you get 200 bullet lol i hate reloading with small gun 
  14. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    this video is 30 min but i cut it to 7 min i think i make 2 or 3 time 16-17 kill streak 
  15. lil video of my mg4 ;)


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