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  1. A new Sniper Rifle for Jack...

    I want to see the brave soul that fires that thing for a second time.
  2. The hackusations are strong today.

    Emu, I'm assuming that whatever you're being accused of would have prevented you from missing your shot at the 0:32 mark. I guess you killed another #1 player too many times for pride to allow. You can keep killing me though Emu - I don't mind.
  3. The .mark command for non-Admins?

    @[member='ColColonCleaner']   I like that idea. I was trying to avoid saying or asking for anything that would have created more work for you guys, but I think that's a good enough idea that I'd like to see if I'm alone on this one or what position other people would take.   And thanks for the explanation of the loadout enforcer -- now I see clearly why what I was asking for wasn't as simple as I had originally thought.
  4. The .mark command for non-Admins?

    I understand the position on this and agree with it. However, I did want to clarify slightly and say that I wasn't asking for anyone or myself to be granted special permissions/powers to use .mark -- I actually meant I thought it would be an interesting option if everyone could use it, like @rules or @report. It may just be that I misunderstood the full impact of using .mark, but as I observed it being used, it basically was a way to do a one-time invocation of the loadout enforcer on a player that wasn't already being checked, and that I didn't think it had any longer-lasting effects beyond that. My understanding of it, I'm sure, is incomplete at best.   So anyway, just to reiterate, I wasn't asking for special permission or anything, just seeing if it would be possible to treat it as something between @rules and @report on the scale of nadusations that an ordinary player could use when on the exploding end of a non-lethal banned item.   Thanks again.
  5. The .mark command for non-Admins?

    OK. Totally understandable. Thanks for the replies.
  6. So I know that in the early days of the loadout enforcer on the no-ex servers, there was a lot of good use of a command (.mark, I think) that Admins were able to use to get the loadout script to check players that weren't being checked on their most recent spawns.   Is that command still usable?   If it's not usuable by non-Admins, could it be made usable for non-Admins?   I ask because it'd be a nice option to tag a user that you may suspect just used that nade or rocket or EOD bot or whatever banned item, but without possibly creating a false report.   e.g. I was flashbanged almost as soon as I joined #7 today and the loadout enforcer would have caught that person had they been checked on their most recent spawn, but from my death-screen perspective, I can only narrow down my suspects to 2 or 3 people that were in the right position to have thrown them. I normally would wait for it to happen again and be 100% sure before creating report, but I'd hesitate less to tag or mark the suspects, so that I don't harm my rep by creating false reports and I don't create negative reports against innocent players that happened to be in the vicinity of a rule-breaker.   I apologize if this is a repeat of a previous topic.   Thanks  
  7. I wish I was good enough to be banned, or even just hackused. Sad face. lol
  8. Was there a major update? Am I missing something?

    @[member='FailApprentice']   I should have known something was off when I was actually able to get you a couple times. I'm sure you'll be back to killing me 20 times per match on Op.Lockers in no time.
  9. @[member='NikolaiRimskyK'] @[member='ColColonCleaner']   Thanks for the replies. I feel better (and worse. lol)
  10. I've had a frustrating few mornings on #7 this week and I will use this tranquil moment to ask if people are really out there using illegal software to help their aim/recoil/spread or whatever.   I know that every death stinks and the server 'feel' is a time-varying process dependent on many variables, but there are some folks out there that just seem to aim and control their recoil with near-perfect precision. I start with the assumption that I have near-mean  player skill and that my in-game perspective is incomplete to say the least.   To get to the point, am I seeing the downside of latency or other legitimate factors when an opponent seems to rock my socks nearly instantly, using fewer bullets than I've ever been able to use to kill an enemy? i.e. Have they had a slightly longer time to lock on to me than it seems from my perspective or perhaps have they shot more bullets at me initially than I perceive?   My anger led to curiosity and I spent a few minutes Googling/Youtubing for these macros and bots that people are always talking about and I discovered that they are out there and they are real. I'll resist the urge to make them a convenient blanket excuse for my difficulties, but I'm curious if these things are really out there and being used widely or if I just need to get better. (Some folks really are awesome. I know this.) lol Fairfight and Punkbuster catches these things, right? Or are there windows of exploitation when the cheaters get away with it because the police are still catching up?   I am OK with being 'mad cuz bad' if that's the case. I'd just like to hear it from a wise source and not during a match.   Thank You.
  11. =ADK=#7 Metro No Explosive server

    @[member='unfappable']   I'm glad you posted these. I was in there yesterday morning from before the official 'match' time even started and stayed longer than I should given the fury. As a regular like you, it was frustrating to say the least to play with one hand tied behind my back. I even hopped on late last night for a couple more matches and even though the server was working normally, it seemed that not all the nading momentum had yet dies down completely.   Another player (regular) was in there for a large chunk of time and said that he was recording and would post for the killfeed - I'm really hoping to see this soon, but I'll be sad to see even a couple of the other regulars get punned for infractions. I hate to say this, but at a certain point, I could understand  - the temptation was beyond real once it seemed the word was out and people were joining just to break the rules.   Anyway, you've shamed me into looking at recording again for these types of events.   I'll see you in #7 soon.
  12. Anyone check out the number of players required to be "ready" on US #7 since the overnight patch? At least I'm assuming this has to do with the patch, so I am posting here. Sorry if incorrect.   Since I don't see a post about it, but I doubt that the right people haven't heard about it, I'll summarize:   The US #7 Metro server seems to be requiring that each side have almost all the logged-in players hit ready before the match will start.   e.g. With 27 on RU and 26 on US, each side must have 26 players hit ready before the match will begin.
  13. New DLC confirmed

    @[member='darkelf1']   Yeah, they need to address the problems with the medpack nerf without admitting that it was a horrible mistake - maybe they'll nerf the ammo crate in the next DLC/"patch" combo. (As if finding one of those when you needed it wasn't already hard enough.) "There, we balanced it" - Dice
  14. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    I just watched this video to make sure I wasn't isn't your killfeed. And now that I have - awesome video. LOL (Hopefully you weren't recording that one morning you killed me like 34 times - don't post that. lol)
  15. Would #6 and #7 Ever Be Combined?

    Yeah, I pretty much figured this one was way out in fantasy land - I'm just trying to have my cake and eat it too. I would love alternating between the two maps, but I guess that makes me part of the exception. While I happen to see them as very similar, I probably knew deep down that most other folks have strong preference to one or the other.

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