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  1. Formal Good bye

    Good bye every one. I have non existent for over a year, i am dropping adk tags and moving onward. @Dowin I was going to PM you instead of making a post but my inbox is full. Good luck every one - ProtossMaster
  2. Phoenix of ADK

    Some of the old people left, or disappeared, prior to the cs go split due to reasons. These people were community builders, some (like myself) were burnt out anyways, others were just frustrated. I had my own reasons, others had theirs. Some one made a bad decision and let his guard down. The decisions and the relationship resulted a split (the cs go section). The community was at a lowpoint but it rose out of it to create a new adk. I don't know who made the phoenix logo, but id imagine it was Pepsi since QQ was gone at that point. @SLIMJIM if you want to make a new logo that represents the new era adk is entering feel free, as the current logo represents something different. You have one vision of what ADK is and was, they had another vision. Idk if I would say to fuck people who left (i love how you censored fuck, man what the community is turning into), those who left built parts of this community. Without them I don't think the phoenix would've reincarnated.
  3. My Resignation & Departure

    inb4 mikey replaces viper for cs go VA
  4. Website Upgrade Coming Soon!

    So over 2 months?
  5. April Anniversaries

    Boy. Just reminded me of that infidel fiasco. That clan in a community thing that never worked out. Lessons were learned.
  6. merry christmas every one.

    1. Jabo


      Merry Christmas Protoss!

  7. Community Promotions - 10/18/2015

    Congratulations every one!   Glad greg is now a community manager. He now has the proper title to continue improving this community.   Glad we have some one to manage our developers! Congratulations @[member='QQtiePie'].
  8. My jaw is now unwired. I can now graduate to eating very soft foods.

  9. My health has gone down hill these past months

    @[member='Raziel23x']   Ive known you for over a year now. you have been a fighter and will continue to be one. If you happen to be in teamspeak send me a poke.. my jaw is wired sut at the moment so im not sure if you can understand my voice.
  10. Im now a supreme master first class on cs go

    1. Daniels813


      Congratz! Still waiting to get DMG myself.

  11. ADK Refined - 2015 Website Update

    @[member='Pepsi']   If you can do me a favor,   Dowin pointed out that we need this updated     it has been added to game tracker - http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ I am not sure if you are the one to contact as I have been out of the loop in relation to the website.
  12. ADK Refined - 2015 Website Update

    :) yes thanks!!
  13. ADK Refined - 2015 Website Update

    @[member='Pepsi']   The changes have been great. I love the new overall look.   However many advisers/members have been voicing that they are annoyed with the new font for the top bar. The top bar I'm describing contains signout/name and search bar. Just something that you could consider.
  14. decided to play counterstike global offensive after a month of bf4/hardline. I now ranked up to an eagle. http://i.imgur.com/fR3AV4G.jpg

    1. Daniels813


      Idc still been playing csgo and still a nova 2 global elite!!

  15. Chunsah Trolling WhickerBasket with Pokes


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