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    Tribalwars message me if you play!
    Minecraft I do occasionally play would prefer to play on vanilla server with friends.
    Battlefield 4 I don't always try but when I do we win...

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    Razer Battlefield 4 Limited Edition Taipan mouse, Steelseries Apex keyboard
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  1. How much screen is too much screen?

    I use this: http://cdn.instructables.com/FYJ/AH9V/GZLW9C6W/FYJAH9VGZLW9C6W.LARGE.jpg Works like a charm.   @[member='Bromance'] @[member='XionZ87']
  2. How to make a grown man cry

    @[member='Type2dk']   Hit him where it hurts.
  3. I thought I had a Godly flashbang...

    I learned that flashbangs destroy explosives the hard way... we where launching skidoo's across the map and i threw one while in the vehicle... long story short I went flying just not alive XD
  4. The Final Stand

    Hover tank = broke. Accipter = can get shot down with an elastic band and has the battery life of a lemon. Snowmobile = Nothing stops it but a javelin XD. Rorsch = What was dice thinking. Shipunov = decent thing like all stationary weapons placed in crap spots. Pod = amazing idea for that map. Maps = ehh some are good some are just rocks and flags.   My opinion. :P
  5. Soo Rage Inducing

    @[member='XionZ87']   what did you get? I have the steel series apex.
  6. Like if you get it... PROMOTION!!!! PROMOTION!!!!   In other words it looks like a slingshot.
  7. Hydra or Zuni or Smart Rocket?

    Uses for the rockets:   Hydra: Ground targets many of them so if you miss a couple your good you will still deal a lot of damage.   Zuni:  When it comes to Air to Air combat they are the best they deal the most damage per rocket and have the fastest time to kill you can use them against ground targets but it takes a lot more skill since you have less to shoot with, Zunis deal nearly twice as much damage as Hydra rockets travel 1300m/s compared to 1200m/s but the draw back is that you get 8.   Smart Rockets: Your the opposite of the rockets you are using because you cannot aim they are basically nerf bullets that are being shot out from a 27Million Dollar helicopter. Shame on you.   @[member='XionZ87'] @[member='ColColonCleaner']
  8. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    Umm your Doritos have gone bad and turned green XD 
  9. Hmm...I unlocked 1 thing on a Final Stand map...

    Got over 300 25% boost 200 50% boost 18 100% boost and 6 200% boost..... max rank here I come again.
  10. =ADK= US #2 Final Stand

    Going to go get them achievements... and wreck anyone in my way! :D
  11. Possible new DLC??? Weapon?? Feature??

    Strike at Karkand the BF2 memories... What I would like to see again is Dragon valley that map was awesome. But on a side note for new things final stand is coming out as well as a bow and I hope it's a primary because then it would actually have to be decent. :) hoping it would be a crysis style bow :D
  12. In my personal opinion I do not appreciate people doing this like this and going back on their words. As good as dynasty is at the game I still think that he was not the game changing factor. Everyone did well and went positive if im right we all pulled 2 KD's+ and we where always in communication with each other assigning roles who is going to be medic, support for ammo, engineers, what squad takes what objective. While as opposed to the enemy team they just kind of rushed with the LAV all went snipers and it never looked like they had any form people where doing what they wanted to and when it comes to any game teamwork what separates the skill gap. Even if Dynasty had been on the opposing team playing against us from how everyone played we would still have won just people might have ended with a slightly lower KD. A prefect example of the lack of teamwork that pRc is as good as colon is with vehicles no one ever prioritized killing the LAV instead everyone just stayed recon and sat back while he went 29-0. 
  13. I could not stop laughing...Brokenfield 4™

    And zero fucks where given that day, his parents said he could be anything so he became a penguin!
  14. Server Reputation Information

    Awesome more rep points for me :) think im about to break 150 :D
  15. How much screen is too much screen?

    Do you have 3000$ laying around for a 22"....

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