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  1. My Resignation

    Hello, if you are reading this then I am no longer a member of the ADK community.   Fret not however, this is not good bye, this is more of a hello again.   I will still be around in teamspeak and on the servers, it'll be like I had never left.   The only difference is I will no longer be repping ADK while you see me.     Some very good friends of mine are together in a different community and I've decided to go join them.   I've thought a long time about my decision and I feel it is for the best.   It's not that I don't like being in ADK or don't like the members of the community, it's simply that I have a much closer relationship   with them on a first name basis.      Now don't take this the wrong way, I had a good time being with ADK, and if it was an option I would be in both communities.   Unfortunately ADK does not allow double dipping so I had to make a choice.   Again, this is not goodbye.   I will still be here, not as a member, but instead, as a visitor. 
  2. BF4 Helicopter Shenanigans

    The first ever rocket transport chopper...   [attachment=6127:ScreenshotWin32-0023.png]   [attachment=6128:ScreenshotWin32-0024.png]           Then this happened......and then....   [attachment=6129:ScreenshotWin32-0025.png]           Transport chopper in a building...somehow..       [attachment=6126:ScreenshotWin32-0027.png]
  3. I'm not sure this is supposed to happen...       [attachment=6124:ScreenshotWin32-0021.png]     [attachment=6125:ScreenshotWin32-0022.png]  
  4. What are you listening to right now?

  5. Dylbags and his crazy British gravity defiance...must be all the tea.     [attachment=5954:ScreenshotWin32-0020.png]
  6. Dylbags and his crazy British gravity defiance...must be all the tea.     Oops...somehow made two topics....actual topic is here   www.adkgamers.com/topic/119197-battlefield-4-lockers-shenanigans/
  7. A very informative video.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7BBeWcgiss           Also proves the point that regular server/round restarts is good housekeeping for keeping responsive and good quality gameplay. 
  8. Corsair K70 + Logitech G502

    I own a logitech g502 and haven't had the problem of accidentally clicking any buttons at all.    From my experience the buttons are placed well enough to easily hit, but not so easy that you accidentally click them.   But really the best mouse depends on how you grip the mouse.   I use a hybrid of palm and claw grip, resting my palm on the mouse but curling my index, middle, and ring finger.   If you hold it in a similar fashion you'll probably be happy with the g502 as well.   As far as keyboard I just use the built in one on my laptop.   Don't fall into the trap of high DPI mice, it's just a marketing gimmick and really doesn't mean much unless you run a multi-monitor setup.    But for how customizable the g502 is with the weights and buttons it's great for both fps and mmo games that I play.    You could also consider getting a razer dethadder 2013 if hitting buttons is really that much of a conern.   Only extra buttons it has are the two side buttons.
  9. favorite Class?

    Assault and recon. I'm usually balls to the wall bum rushing and usually the first guy through a choke area so the rest of the team can follow suit. Im not like most recons though I'll use a carbine with tugs and motion balls so im more educated about where Im rushing and where enemies are so I know the best route.
  10. Don't Hover...

    cheeky bastard :l 
  11. BF4 Spring Patch Changes

    Just experiment and see what you like, there isn't a cookie cutter answer really. @[member='FinicWTF']
  12. Help changing attachments after Spring Patch

    Ergo and heavy barrel for almost every weapon if you're able to control recoil well.   Angled and heavy barrel works fine as well if you're decent at controlling it since I find most people get tripped up by the first shot but can handle the rest of the rounds in a burst just fine.   If neither of these work, naked barrel and ergo grip.   I'd say about 99% of people always move while aiming down sights without even realizing so there is no reason not to use this to cut that movement penalty. 
  13. Jet tips

    Being able to control your speed at 300-315 gives you the fastest turning speed.    Controlling this speed is very simple if you're doing loops where your jet is perpendicular to the ground (left and right are up and down or vice versa).   If you fly without touching anything while holding pitch flying perpendicular to the ground, you'll notice your speed climb until it hits about 350.   So, tap s at a relative tempo of about 1-1.5s to control and maintain your speed at 300-315.    If your speed falls to low, hold off on tapping s and your speed will pick up on its own.       Doing loops where your jet is parallel to the ground is more complicated.   When you're turning your jet up away from the ground, gravity is working against you, so you'll want to use thrusters to keep your speed at 300-315.   If you don't you'll notice your speed drop as you start climbing in your loop.   However, when you hit the point after the top of your loop, gravity is working with you, so you'll want to use your brakes to keep from going too fast.   If you don't brake, your speed will increase as you drop towards the ground.        There are situations where you want to go as fast as possible, so naturally you'll want to use your thrusters.   Generally these moments include quickly getting enough distance to do a proper strafe or keeping another aircraft from getting too close and shooting you.   It's also good to use your thrusters when gaining altitude for dive bombs as well.        As for shooting, you really just have to practice and get a feel for it.    Learning how to lead your guns can't exactly be described so you'll have to find out on your own.   However, you will have to get in the habit of not using only your mouse to aim.   For general aiming practice try climbing very high in the air, diving at a target guns blazing, and pulling up before you hit the ground.   Once you learn to do that, you can try strafing runs lateral to the ground where targets are moving laterally as well.   When you get comfortable with that, you'll have to get into the habit of rolling your jet so that your pitches move your crosshair the direction you want.   When you have this proper positioning, micro manage your pitch with your mouse to get proper aim since hitting space to pitch to aim won't work very well. You will also want to use a and d to shift your crosshair slightly as well if you're off center.    The testing range is a good place to practice on your own. 
  14. BF4 Spring Patch Changes

    GENERAL WEAPON CHANGES:   Here is a generalization of what has happened to weapon types in general.   Assault Rifles - Across the board assault rifles have been given worse spread per shot and worse spread recovery. They have also been given slightly worse recoil in every direction. In exchange they have been given higher starting damage drop off ranges.    Carbines - Carbines have been given worse spread recovery but better hip fire across the board. They also have slightly more recoil in all directions. They have also been given worse spread recovery.   PDWs - PDWs have had their drop off ranges start farther away but will lose damage past drop off at a higher rate. They have been made more accurate with hip fire. Most have had their damages lowered slightly. Like other automatic weapons, worse spread recovery.   LMGs - LMGs have had their maximum spreads increased fairly substantially, as well as had their spread recovery made worse. Magazine fed LMGs will be more accurate than their box fed counterparts.    DMRs - DMRs have had their recoil decrease modifier allowing for faster follow-up shots. However, they've generally been made less stable with more recoil.    Sniper Rifles - Sniper rifles have mainly had their magazine sizes dropped for the most part. Otherwise they should behave just about the same.   Shotguns - Shotguns have had their pellet counts increased but damage per pellet decreased. They've also been given SUBSTANTIALLY better hip fire. (Pretty much put the circle around a player, fire, and theyll be pushing daisies)   Pistols - Pistols haven't been changed very much save for reserve ammo like the Deagle and the 44 Magnum.
  15. BF4 Spring Patch Changes

    WEAPON HIGHLIGHTS:   Some weapons have received substantial changes besides the across the board weapon type changes. These overhauled weapons will be covered here.   RPK-74M - The RPK has received an ammo type change to 7.62x39mm. As a result the weapon has received a substantial damage increase of 24 to 30. It's minimal damage has been increased from 18 to 20. Its magazine has been decreased from 46 to 41.   JS-2 - In many ways prior to the patch this gun was more or less a P90 clone. It had the same magazine size and damage as the P90 but was just bullpup. Now the JS-2 has had its magazine decreased from 51 to 31. It has also received an ammo type change to 9x19mm which gives the weapon a damage increase from 20 to 22.5 and a minimal damage increase of 11.2 to 13.5. It has also received a substantial increase in range before drop off damage takes effect from 8m to 20m making this one of the longer ranged PDWs.   MPX - The MPX has received a magazine buff of 26 to 31. In exchange it has had its starting damage dropped from 26 to 24.5. Its minimum damage however has been increased from 13 to 13.5.      U100 - The U100 MK5 has received a magazine drop from 46 to 31. In exchange the muzzle velocity has been increased to 700m/s. To put this into perspective, 700m/s is a faster muzzle velocity than the JNG-90 which is the sniper with the highest muzzle velocity of just 670m/s. Don't expect to have to lead very much with the u-100 unless at extreme ranges.      ACE23 - The ACE23 has received a magazine increase from 31 to 36. In exchange it has a longer empty reload time and is less accurate and less stable than previously.   CZ805 and G36C - Both of these weapons now have a 2 round burst instead of a 3 round burst. Give these weapons on burst mode a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.    93R and G18 - The 93R has received a magazine size hit from 21 to 16. In exchange it has received increased damage from 18 to 22. It has also been given more spread per shot, but not very much. The G18 has also had its damage increased to 22. Its magazine has dropped from 20 to 18. 

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