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    Corsaid M65 mouse, replacing kb due to liquid, Logitech G35 headset
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  1. Aberration Survival Guide

    When you get some form up 1x1 or building up is to immediately tame a bulbdog or shinehorn and store so they gain some levels passively while you craft, etc. They are an absolute must before you venture into the blue. Otherwise, you will spawn nameless which will quickly make your life miserable. For those wanting the ultimate killing machine, tame a high level Megalosaurus. Points into stam up to at least 2000 first, then work health and dmg will make it go a looooong way! You are underground and it's night in Aberration so they stay awake and destroy everything with an exception. With regards to reaper kings, ravagers seem to be better for some reason. They get the pack bonus that direwolves and allasaurus do. Still trying to figure this out since you don't get their bleed when tamed and don't hit like Mega's do. Also, tame a crab or two and make one at least a weight fiend. Have a friend or you mount up on the crab and pick up Anky, Doedi, roll rat, etc and harvets materials like mad. You can farm up materials without stopping due to the farmer being overloaded. There are tons of tips on making life easier for yourself and your tribe. One big thing, if you are leveling fresh or an alt, do it on island and follow this guys YT video to get up to at least level 70+. It's even better when it's 2x or 3x. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UchMvaKvv_E I do suggest you supplement some of the run by farming up mats to make a crossbow and many arrows and kill alpha raptors as you go. The XP from them while under the bonus XP from the dossiers and notes is incredible.
  2. anyone still into bf1 on pc?

    @StarFirezzI play all the time. Like Darknae said, get onto the Discord as there are people to talk to all the time. I myself will be joining Dis more often. I took a long, long hiatus, but need to get back into the groove.
  3. Turned 40 on Saturday. I feel like a certain few folks 'round here. You know who you are....Now I know why you are so grumpy ;)

  4. Hi I'm TrueDark and I'm here to game

    @[member='TrooDahk']   Welcome to the forums, Troo! I was a band nerd years ago, trumpet mostly. My band instructor convinced me to play Tuba my sophomore and junior year, which meant sousaphone during marching season. I am learning guitar now, but my trumpet is still around. My 11 year old actually played for a couple years in elementary school and gave up.   You have come to the right community when it comes to gaming! Look around and see what you can find. Again, welcome!
  5. Knifing fellow ADK members and friends! Nothing more satisfying trying to one up each other.
  6. Is it me or is #6 really bad now

    @420Pandora I tend to spend most of my time spectating 6 and 7 over our other servers, switching as I see reports start to stack up, indicating some heavy rule breaking. It is definitely tough, but we are trying and definitely appreciate all of your efforts to try and help. Yes, as said, please keep the reports coming in and engage others in the server to do the same. When we are not able to be there, our players are our eyes and ears.   As Type said, please join us on TeamSpeak. Look for an adviser, admin, or manager (in that order) and poke us for help. Some prefer not to be poked while AFK. Type2dk is okay with it and so am I. I may not be there to help immediately, but I will try when I return. Check the server channels first of course. We definitely want to work with our players to make the everything as fair and fun as possible.
  7. Current Changes in BF4 servers

    I will be bringing this up during the admin meeting tonight for further discussion. The plain and simple truth is what has already been stated; there is no clear solution that will make everyone happy. We need to work on a happy medium and accept that we will lose regular players and new players. We will also gain them. We cannot do anything to completely solve this. That being said, I do have some ideas to try and help on some points and will present to admins and above during discussion. It will likely require member input as well in the near future.   @[member='OneXheadstone'] I agree about the player you mentioned. I believe full well he cheats and want him forever banned from ADK servers. There is no question in my mind about him without needing for consistent spectating and recording of his play or even just watching for extended periods. He tries to play sneaky to avoid detection. Now, I'm not one to target any player, but this is one. I can't stand cheaters. I also feel glitchers are just as bad, especially those that know we do not punish for it and they take complete advantage of it full time. That clears a server probably more than baseraping. I will save my thoughts for the admin discussion tonight, but it needs to be addressed. This will likely require the ADK BF community as whole going to EA/DICE for resolution instead of as individuals.   On a side note: From the glitching perspective, seriously, what total crap did they develop for collision detection? They fixed some time ago, for the most part anyways, going prone and forcing your body away from the wall so your legs couldn't be in it. How the hell can they not fix positioning by not letting guns (which count as objects) from colliding with the walls (object). Thoughts pending on this as I'm not a DICE developer and am only assuming on the "objects" and collision design. :)   @[member='KnightsX'] I may be wrong, as I often am, but your statements make me believe you are calling out a member as being a cheater. Please correct me if I am wrong. If you believe a member or anyone is cheating, padding, or otherwise, please notify advisers, admins, and managers immediately. This needs to be fully investigated. With regards to istats or any site, just because some numbers are out of the norm, does not make that person a cheater/hacker. I have seen some of the top players throw red in the stats and they are legitimate players, playing just as strong at home as they do in competitions in front of moderators. I know there are people that cheat/hack and I've seem them as well as been on the wrong side of their barrel. It's frustrating and you want to knock them out. I actually caught someone the other day who was reported and when I first spectated him, was doing nothing wrong (playing and dying). I later went back and saw his gun snapping headshot to headshot. Sometimes it is about waiting for the right moment and sometimes it takes much more investigative work. And, I don't care if any admin, manager, or anyone tries to defend a friend or player, if I suspect someone is cheating/hacking, I expect a full investigation by multiple people on multiple levels.     @ Everyone I stand by Cas 100% with regards to players that happen to actually play the game the way it's meant to be played, by ordinary, legitimate players. I won't go into deep details here as we all will just end up arguing as we all have our opinions. That's counterproductive to what we are trying to accomplish. I appreciate what you all feel about baserape and stacking and agree it's a problem that probably will never be solved without alienating one person or another.     Here's an idea for a solution to try and help the general population. I'll be happy to lead and/or work with a team of ADK members and our regular (honest) players and friends to create a valuable training series of video tutorials (squadwork, teamwork, talking, working together, weak points, target points, strategies for xyz, etc). That's what I do for Symantec; successful training and educating of our Sales Engineers, partners, and customers on our encryption products. I use presentations, video, simulations, etc. We have a broad array of BF experience and skill to tap from (members and players), so why not try to create a much better balance instead of trying to throw blame around and punish players for playing to actually do what the game mode is intended for; rush the enemy and cap the flags! There is also a major benefit for the ADK community as it creates more exposure if we include in our chat, auto-chat, loading screen, wherever we can offer links to our tutorials for interested players. They come to see the videos and maybe look a little deeper into ADK as a whole. It promotes player growth in game and in ADK at the same time. It's a win-win for everyone. Yes, there are tons of tutorials out there. However, we are targeting players on our servers through the communications we put out there. We will teach for them to be successful no matter what map, mode they play, telling them whether they play on our servers or someone else's, we want to help them become better. We create our own brand loyalty. I know some of our folks have already created some guides and videos. Let's get a momentum going and create more exposure for ADK!   Okay, I've spent hours on this reply. I've added and removed a ton of content and still have more I want to say and at the same time want to remove a lot of what I put. Conversations in forums are not as valuable as they are in real time. No feeling, no response in timely manner, etc. I'm done now. I will reserve the rest for the admin discussion.   I am not looking to start an argument, call anyone out, or otherwise offend. I am saying my bit, because I feel this is a hot damn topic and requires a much closer look from all angles.   And yes, being an admin on #6 and #7 is extremely challenging. Loving the game and trying to help ensure fair play is why I do it.
  8. Need New Gaming Headset

    I have a Logitech G35 I actually bought on sale at Fry's for $65 a couple years ago. I love it. Off sale I believe it is about $120. While it offers 7 channel surround, you can flip a switch on the headset to change it to stereo only if you choose.   There are definitely better headsets out there, but I stand by this one. No complaints at all. I've worn it the better part of a day with no fatigue at all.
  9. hello from _ELPIPI_MTL

    @ELPIPI_MTL   Welcome to the forums! Glad to see you in here. Are you planning on submitting an application?   Don't let him fool you fellow ADK. He is on #7 on a very regular basis and is a very good player! I've been in squad with him and against him and he holds his own strong. He definitely has my support should whether he chooses to apply or not.
  10. BF4 Opening Multiple Ports - Hit reg Band-Aid Fix?

    I don't know if anything is posted online as to why, but it would probably be a good idea to bang on EA's door and ask. They should answer fo why so many ports. I cannot see any reason for that many.
  11. Need pro advice on windows

    Windows 8 has proven to be faster. Metro is terrible so follow the suggestion for the "classic" options. You will be fine and Windows 10 upgrade will be free according to Microsoft. I'm on Win7 now, but actually in process this weekend of bumping up to Win 8.1 after I get everything backed up and unregistered, etc.
  12. Video card(s) needed for 144hz / 144fps

    How much can you afford to spend? Expect to spend a good amount if you want those kinds of numbers, unless you plan on playing all low settings. I have a 780 Direct CU II and I roll at about 90 fps on the Asus 144hz. It all looks great and the quality is incredible. That card was $500 something. To get those frames per seconde I would have to buy a second one (possibly swap and pay for a couple 980's, but can't be sure without doing it).
  13. cAsteris here: hello everyone!

    Cas is a great player and fun to play with and against. I met him on #7 and we have spent a lot of time in squad putting down the hurt. I think he would make a good addition to the community.
  14. Low Population Rules - Please Read

    I can appreciate the rules being removed. My question is why are we not allowed to ask our team to not baserape in an effort to avoid upsetting the enemy players so they don't leave? I admit I was trying to help populate yesterday and asked a few folks to stay away from their base. I believe it is a good idea to ask, but doesn't have to be enforced or policed. The idea is simply to ask and explain it is to be fair and not upset players into wanting to leave.   I'll follow the guidelines set forth of course. I just feel there is no harm in asking people to not baserape as a courtesy. However, using it as a strategy to force the enemy back to defend and take back from you while your team pushed forward is fair.

    M6Tully1   I have M6Tully on an older email address which is tied to Swtor. I tried to combine, but they said I'll lose all progress in swtor and I am not sure I won't return to play ever. I have 4 toons at max level before I had quit the game. And, if I try to move everything to the non "1" account, same with all other games, including BF4. So, I just use the M6Tully1 and live with it. Maybe some day....

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