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    Windows 7
  • Mobo
    MSI A735-E35 FM2+
  • Processor
    AMD Athlon 760k
  • Graphics
    Gigabyte R9 270
  • PSU
    Corair CX500
  • RAM
    G. Skill sniper (1600) 8gb
  • Storage
    I think Seagate 1tb SSHD (soooooo fast!)
  • Audio
    Just Logitech HD headphones w/ mic
  • Monitor
    Asus something w/ max 1080p at 22.5"
  • Case
    Bitfenix Phenom M Nvidia Geoforce style
  • Peripherals
    Perix keyboard and Utechcity gaming mouse
  1. sharpeyes

    You aren't at fault at all. I am, and I will avoid the clan name at all costs. I am sorry, and I will also avoid hijacking posts in the future.   @[member='sharpeyes2111'] @[member='Dowin']
  2. Turtle Beaches

    @[member='TrixIsFoKidz'] Oh that's right I forgot to use an @. I really love my Logitech g series in glue. Inexpensive and great! Great sound, control and  quality materials; although, I don't love that they dont have a "mute if the mic is u[" thing. I wouldnt have minded paying more for that, but no complaints otherwise.
  3. C4 trolling the IFV

    bros got c4aped, from behind. No l00b!
  4. got a GTX 970 FTW, upgrade from i5-2500k to ??

    @[member='Griffin71'] I agree with this oerson. I mean i5 should Be ok with with ealier GPS, but since you already have a new GPU, you will want to ugrade. Though, you will want to wait for new generation cpus.
  5. What's Up ADK Gamers?

    That's what I said, The mod. not standalone game.
  6. Battlefield 4 - R45 - Server patch 12/2/2014

    I do like it when things are not too too broken
  7. sharpeyes

    @[member='sharpeyes2111'] welcome. By the way, AKD does not stand for <Alternative Demonological Killers>. It stands for alternative Dildo Kites. It's a common misconception, but not the same thing.
  8. What's Up ADK Gamers?

    @[member='K00K00'] welcome. I have been thinking about playing some DayZ myself. Mostly the Arma II mod
  9. Which TS server to joi

    I usually join one of the no explosive servers; although, I have been gettingto a few of the other servers too, but it's hard to find an ADK server that is pretty populated.   I join on like Friday's around 6, 9, or 10, and I see either no ppl on the TS's, or 1 or two, but then I see the other TS (I think it's general chat. I don't remember name) has a lot of people in it.   Is it cool to join one of those cuz it's nice to actaually talk with people while playing Also, common servers?
  10. Hello Bf4 players

    @[member='xTatianxFallx'] Hi hop on Teamspeak and I will probably join you in one of the servers.
  11. Great bargain on Premium - $30

    I got the same when I got premium. It basically allowed me to use an AUG with an IR skope or a 3.4x scope, and a grip of some kind as well as a ton of camo before I would have been ever able to even use themn. I also bout the aussalt shortcut, so I could get the AUG right away. So worth it in my opinion.
  12. My Hood my Tag

    Just to point out. I thought it was done, but the smily face finishes it, and makes i extra special
  13. Rorsch Mk-1 can be quiet fun....

    It is soooo strong I have seen it in action against me. I hate getting shot by that, but it's hard to hate on a good non camping snipe.
  14. welcome backwards buttrape. SEE MOM I GET IT (apparently I don't get things cuz I AM SLOW!).`
  15. FPS junkie joins FPS anonymous

    yay welcome I am Mattswarley and I have been an addict for 2 years again now. I took almost a two year break, but I relapsed and sunk into the obsession again with BF3 and BF4

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