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  1. Server Etiquette

    It's all good.. i'll just assume they were having a bad day =) I still feel bad for making a deal out of a small annoyance, so I would like to post something positive. It's been discussed plenty of times on TS among members and friends, but from myself personally, I would like to thank the admins for doing such a fine job. I know it must be frustrating to hardly ever get to actually "play" and that's something most take for granted. You guys are top notch! Ask any regular and they will agree..
  2. Server Etiquette

    Thank you for your comments. In retrospect, it seems like this post is pointless tho. Really just a minor annoyance that didn't deserved to be mentioned. My apologies! See you on the battlefield....
  3. Server Etiquette

    This may be the wrong place to post this, so if so, I apologize in advance. This kind of stuff doesn't typically bother me, but just a few minutes ago a squadmate and myself were called "tards" because we happened to be using the same perk when my SM switched classes. This was during a boring game where we had all 3 flags in 64 NO EX Metro. I won't name the person, but lets just say he's a valued member/admin of your clan. First off, I put a lot of time on your servers and it's my preferred place to play. I follow the rules and try my best to remind other players of them as well. I've made quite a few friends and I appreciate the fact i'm allowed to play there. I do however have a problem with someone in your clan calling me a tard simply because we happened to have the same perks. God forbid that should happen in a pub match. I understand that some players go 110% pro all the time and I appreciate that, but that doesn't mean you have to have a god complex and treat anyone not in your circle like a p.o.s. In short, I would expect such a comment if i was breaking the rules but not for such a minor mistake. Call me sensitive, whatever, but I think your ultimate goal is to have full servers and a happy community.
  4. BF3 - Battlelog Downtime 5/22

    Its been well over an hour =(
  5. How long have you been gaming?

    I think the first PC game I ever played was a demo of Wolfenstein 3D. As far as online? Jedi Knight Dark Forces II. The gun play in that game was fantastic and (playing in 3rd person of course) was the first time I ever took a sharpie to the screen to have a crosshair. From there, I moved on to the Delta Force series, Counter Strike and my beloved Day of Defeat.
  6. Hello!

    Oh, i'm gonna assume you're at Fort Bragg? I grew up like 3 hours from there. It's a shot in the dark but I have a friend here dating a captain stationed there named Roger. I forgot his last name, but it starts with a W. I think he is a paper pusher, would be a small world if you might know who i'm talking about... but I know FB is a big base
  7. Hello!

    Hey all, my name is Brandon, i'm 25 and currently living in VA (just separated from military after six years). I've been playing quite a bit on your BF3 server (64 Metro No Exp) recently and I must say, I enjoy the overall skill level of most of the players that frequent the server. Can't get better unless you play with the best right? Good admins, fair rules (I personally enjoy the baserape rule), good times.... just thought i'd stop by and show some love! See ya on the battlefield!

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