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  1. When Players Complain About the Team They Are On

    this applies not only to battlefield but every team based game. especially counter strike. unfortunately on counter strike i complain because counter strike finds a way to get under my skin. which is why i avoid that game alot.
  2. Was Battlefield 3 better than 4?

    I enjoy bf4 much more but i feel i have more and greater memories on 3 which makes me wanna lean towards saying 3 was better. Im kinda in the middle.
  3. BF3 is dying

    BFH is awful. doesnt even feel like battlefield. its like call of duty but bigger and with more customization. BF4 and BF3 are waaaay better. BF3 is dying but if more of us start playing on our servers maybe we can revive it in some way. we just gotta pray the next bf is better. preferably a BF based back in a world war or Vietnam from the rumors ive heard.
  4. Is this game any good?

    is this game on steam or a standalone website? If it is cheap i will try to pick it up and maybe see you ingame!
  5. Is this game any good?

    Ive seen advertisements and watched a few short videos on it. It appears to be very fun but is it worth buying? It seems similiar to Elite:Dangerous. Is it the same concept but changed in small ways?
  6. Tanner Sipes

    Im 17, I turn 18 next month. I enjoy playing battlefield, CSGO, Spintires, and a little bit of dayz and arma. I play many other games but im not gonna list them all. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people. Once you get to know me and talk to me pretty often im actually pretty funny and like to joke alot. I always help people out so if you ever need to talk to someone even if i dont know you i can help you out! In my free time when im not playing videos games im probably out fishing or cruising around town with my friends. We usually go find a back road and race or we just drive around windy backroads. I also enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend or going out to eat hibachi! (If you dont know what it is i highly suggest you leave your immediately and go find the nearest hibachi restraunt! <3)
  7. Meet up and grind together?

    Im a noob at this game. I still have a sidewinder with very few modifications and almost no money. I need someone to tag along with and show me the ropes. Add me on steam and we could play sometime soon!
  8. My Ping is missing

    So on bf3 and bf4 no matter what server i join i can see everyone elses ping but mine. I have a - some other people in the servers have it also. Is it a server bug or a bug on my side? And if its on my side how do i fix it? Thanks.
  9. Getting back into Battlefield 3

    I havent played BF3 in a good while. Im on it now and it brings back good memories. If you are interested in playing with me add me on origin. Im also on the teamspeak (Tanner Sipes)   Origin ID: TanTheMan238
  10. Right now my pc has a intel core 2 duo at 3.4ghz. I can run most games at medium to high settings, some ultra. But some games lag because my cpu holds me back. But the problem is, this is the best cpu my motherboard will hold. Would it be worth the time and money to get a whole new motherboard and cpu to get that extra quality?
  11. New to ADK Looking for cool people

    i just have BF3. I got into pc gaming about 1 month ago. I always played on console. I plan on getting BF4 soon. 3 was on sale for $5 so i grabbed it. @[member='b0nza1']
  12. New to ADK Looking for cool people

    Thanks! Im on the teamspeak right now with @featherstone3 if you want to join us! We are trying to get a team going right now on BF3. @[member='J3ngland']
  13. Im new to ADK. I play lots of fps and racing games. I have all counter strikes along with MW2 and BF3. Im open to most games though. If your interested in playing with me add my steam: TanTheMan238 Origin: TanTheMan238. Thanks
  14. Looking for people to play with

    Im looking for people to play with on the adk servers. My origin is TanTheMan238. My Battlelog is TanTheMan238. Im on most of the time.

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