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  1. What are you listening to right now?

  2. Felt like making a sig for a change 

  3. Made you a sig check it out on the forum post you made

  4. Blade & Soul

    Me too joined the server today and I'm hooked!  :ph34r2:   Finally i can live out my ninja fantasy! Oh Baby!!
  5. Linkin Park - Papercut

  6. Turn your Speakers up for good time!   https://youtu.be/WWk6P2rIJ0g
  7. Meet Our Member #3 - Zepplen & QQtiepie

    GGK was actually TGK
  8. GTA V finally Downloading!

    1. GeekDucks


      join me. play with me

  9. Can't Get GTA5 installed awesome...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GeekDucks


      In all seriousness, do you already have it downloaded?

    3. GeekDucks


      and how much disk space do you have left?

    4. Zepplen


      I bought it from GMG. Downloaded the game from RockStar Social Club, installed it then it installs a patch after it says "GTA V launcher has stopped working" and then it crashes I've tried every fix out there but no luck. Wish I had the steam version. heard they had more luck....

  10. Been Messing with skyrim lately and a few single player games lately pre ordered GTA 5

  11. remember green

  12. Good Bye #6

    goodbye #6 no explosives lockers... had fun in the tower. TILL SOME ASS BLOWS IT UP WITH C4 and gets kicked... (when they get caught)

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