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  • Birthday 06/29/1991

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    United States
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    PC Gaming
    PC Hardware

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    Windows 7
  • Mobo
    MSI 970a-G43
  • Processor
    AMD FX 8320
  • Graphics
    AMD Radeon 7970
  • PSU
    Corsair TX-750
  • RAM
    16 GB, Gskill Ripjaws
  • Storage
    120GB Samsung SSD, 1TB WD RE3
  • Audio
    Realtek HD (its crap)
  • Monitor
    Acer, p236H, Asus VE278, Viewsonic VX2370, Dell E2210H
  • Case
    Zalman Z11
  • Peripherals
    Razer Blackwidow 2013 Steel Series Sensi and Turtle Beach P11
  • Speed Test
  1. ADK Gamer's Speedtest.NET Speedwave

    updated speeds since last post in oct 2014.
  2. Oh look , ADK updated their site

  3. Dual monitors to run in BF4

    Yeah dual monitors aint going to work that good for surround gaming ......the crosshairs will be in the middle if the screen and they will be blocked by the bezels 
  4. Anti Virus

    I use MSE,  its nothing fancy but it there when I need it 
  5. HELLO!

    Welcome, hop in a game of BF4 or BF3 whenever you like and I thank you for your service 
  6. Crimson Tide (1995)

    Has anyone ever seen this movie, I think it was a well written suspenseful film starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman.    If you seen this movie or would like to understand what the movie was about then lets discuss it. 
  7. Yaaaasss It's Jari Yaaaassssss

    Hey Jari welcome aboard.  Hope to see you in a game or two. 
  8. Your Favorite YouTube video?

    If your a Freddie Wong fan than you'll know this one   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avrnGbni-Tw
  9. New to ADK Looking for cool people

    They there tantheman nice seeing you in BF3 and wanted to say welcome aboard. 
  10. ADK Gamer's Speedtest.NET Speedwave

      So it ain't Google fiber but it's also not DSL either lol 
  11. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    this can probably play so many instances of Oregon trail that it might cause the came code it self to fail 
  12. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Gdamnnnn thats an awesome 3x monitor setup, if you plan on doing simulator this is a good start 
  13. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Very clean and Pro
  14. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Wow looks nice even when not in a case, at least you can ensure good cooling....Hope your not in an earthquake prone area 

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