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  1. Yes please join us. I am thinking of a get together Friday night in the Seattle Area. If most of the people are over 21, we can go to a bar. If not, then somewhere else. Look forward to seeing some ADK people!! Some people in the Washington area: @InfamousKnights @druce @IIGodHanzoII @Bluesyndicate @jasonturner023 @K_Godara @kosanovskiy @nexizen @Casey Goodwin @Paulywog @Unit562 @X_Tanker2002 @Tydros @STEBAY @Spounge84 @Cruz_5326 @BTBHead @DumbBoot @xXMISSINGPIECESXx @Surreal @NishikinoMaki @LividMasochist @Falcor @smashmasterflex @SuperSandvich
  2. Add me to the club please.
  3. I am only lvl 22, so do not know yet. Still working on getting up to level 25. I am to low to do raids.
  4. now you don't have to go to TinyChat anymore. You can video chat on Discord. NICE Too bad my camera is missing since I have not searched for it since I moved. LOL
  5. Steam Name: =ADK= VinasSol SteamID: 76561197964135075 Stream Link (If Streaming): Hours/Days that you can play: After meetings
  6. I know PC Gamer does a lot of posts about black Friday deals. If you bookmark their page, they update them as the deals roll out. Headsets: Mechanical keyboards: Games: Laptops:
  7. Looks fancy! [emoji3] will be for a nitch market and I bet the price is crazy. Sent from my SM-G935V using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  8. Sadly to say since we wiped the server, I will not be playing on it anymore. I was following KingDaddyMack on youtube on how to play on the infinity server. I was following his lead and was on #06 out of #79 Episodes. I would hate to start over again. So best of luck on the server.
  9. Tried to log in tonight and the server was lagging me out. Couldn't even play today.
  10. Yes please
  11. @Blaze We know you do, that is ok though. Everyone has our little secrets. LOL
  12. Time to swap to blackgate if you want. :-)
  13. I have the guild under my character. Let me know if you feel that you have enough player base to get it up and running.

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