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  1. Your favorite gun and setup after patch

    @[member='JacknifeJones'] Jones Sniping in BF4 pre-patch was really easy. Post-Patch it is even easier. I feel like there is way less suppression so you can land headshots for days. I went from 80% HS/kill to 90% HS/kill. I don't know why they made it easier when it was already too much noob friendly (IMO).
  2. Your favorite gun and setup after patch

    @[member='Pavehawk-wings-']-wings- That ACW-R. It is so good! In my opinion it is the best gun over all ARs and Carabines! If there was an AR version of the ACW-R with all the same stats but the Damage Model of an AR I would have 50k kills with this baby. On support kit thats what I use 98% of the time. There is many good carabines, but if you get comfy with ACW-R you will be unstoppable! I mostly Use Cobra, Flash Hider and stubby on mine. I think you should stick to it, but that is my opinion. About BF2. I used support much more there. The fact that the Bipod was virtually deployed by itself when  you'd go prone made the LMGs more reliable to me. You could keep decent accuracy by going prone and start shooting instantly with an LMG in BF2. Now with BF3 and 4 you have to deploy the bipod yourself, which takes 1 more second if you get it on the 1st try. Sadly the feature is glitchy as always and sometimes takes 2-3 tries to deploy it. And the feeling of shooting the PKM in BF2 oh god. 
  3. Your favorite gun and setup after patch

    @[member='Pavehawk-wings-'] MG4 is probably the best. Some might say the AWS is, but it got nerfed, so now the MG4 should be a solo king. I personally think the best LMG is the M240B. I tend to stay away from them. They are great but since In bf4 you can have a carabine instead of pdw with support, I don't see why I would use an LMG when Carabines and ARs are just so much better in any ways. If they had a negev or something with 1000 rpm for the support class Id use that all the time for a good laugh when I play support. I have played all battlefields game that ever came out and LMGs are always the black sheep. I am not hating here. I got 2.5 KPM with my M240B and I think it kicks ass. But Equally skilled players 1 LMG 1 AR, LMG has no chance even on long range. I might have lost myself a bit on your MG4 question but oh well :)
  4. Hello Everyone!

    @[member='Pavehawk-wings-'] welcome to the forums ! Hope to see you in game soon! Im playing a lot of CS:GO lately but I should be back on BF4 any time soon !
  5. New to ADK Looking for cool people

    @[member='tantheman'] I added you on steam, let's play now ! :D
  6. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    @caveman70 Hi just got my ADK tags. All im missing is the BF4 platoon!    Cheers !
  7. Let's laugh so loud that we get a 10 on Richter scale!

  8. BF4 Platoon need help

    Ok so I got accepted into ADK, now I am wondering how can I join the bf4 platoon as it is on invite only. Secondly, is there any steam platoon apart from the public one? 
  9. Its me CombatMozart. I changed my name I and do not know how to let people know. Don't worry I am not the kind to change name every week, just wanted something more related to me :)

  10. Your favorite gun and setup after patch

    @[member='XionZ87'] They reduced the recoil on it which was already very very low. They decreased the ADS accuracy, but the gun is still a laser beam. For longer ranges just put a Heavy Barrel and you will drop people quicker with the SAR than with a DMR lol.
  11. Your favorite gun and setup after patch

    I was already a big fan of the F2000. Now its even better. I still rock the AEK and the SCAR-H here and there. Also, pre-patch, sniping in BF4 was really easy. Post-patch, it's even easier! The reduced suppression is so ridiculous that there is no way to counter someone with good aim using a bolt action at range now. I always had 80% Headshot/Kill before the patch, but now, without the need to panic body hit under suppression, It could easily be 90/95%. Maybe it's just me, but I think they are making this game way too *noob-friendly*. I still like it alot tho :D. so Yeah F2000 stubby and HB. Same for AEK. Otherwise my dream came true. no more delay on .44 Magnum. I can finally rock Gol Magnum with .44 Magnum which sounds amazing ! :D 
  12. Hey there everyone!

    @[member='Silencer9666'] hey man, I recently built my rig too. I play most of the games you mentioned except WoW. Hope to catch you in game soon!
  13. Deck Maintenance (funny commercial)

    There's a part 2 if you are up for it!
  14. Hi, I'm Crash.

    Welcome to the forums! I am a newcomer too! Hope to see you in game !
  15. Hello ADK!

    Welcome to the forums ! I recently applied too. Played with a lot of ADK members and everyone is super cool ! Hope to see you in game !

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