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  1. Is it me or is #6 really bad now

    Every time  I play, I either surrender, get raped, or my team rapes ( sorry for my language). There are no spectators anymore, so everyone keeps  throwing smoke and flashes, it is terrible. Did we just abandon #6?
  2. TF2: =ADK= Gaming Night 10/24/14

    Can't wait to snipe some people
  3. Incredible Random Lag Spikes in BF4 only

    @[member='Virtue1776']  Hopefully the patch fixes it then
  4. My ping is usually in the 70s , but over the past two weeks I have been occasionally getting random lags spike that bring up my ping to 999 and I have to restart my computer to make it stop. It also sometimes fluctuates from 100 to 300 ping on minor spikes. This has only been happening in BF4. Anybody have any suggestions? 
  5. how do i snipe?

    @[member='plaxus'] Oh, Ok let's see if if works.
  6. how do i snipe?

    Btw, how do you do the "@" thing ?
  7. how do i snipe?

    But I hate how they changed the hitmans Heatmaker to where it doesn't get supercharged when you get a certain amount of kills, When I got the super charge, I would always try to hit big people on their bodies because it did so much damage. In my opinion the hitmans Heatmaker is the best, especial,y for head shots. If you want to do the most damage overall especially with a team of high health people, you would want to use the machina. If you are in a "close quarters" map or somewhere where there isn't that many good sniper places, than you would want to go with the huntsman because it really can do some damage if you are just spraying it everywhere, if you get a headshot or a kill with it and the person you killed is close to a wall (perferably right behind them), the arrow pierces them and their body is pinned against the wall. It is hilarious to see someone hanging 5 feet up on the wall with a arrow to the head (it is better if they took an arrow to the knee though**). @TIE LIGHTNING
  8. how do i snipe?

    My name on steam is lazerblazer14, I sent you (plaxus) a friend request. I have over 1200+ kills with my Face-Melting Hitmans Heatmaker.....yeah I mainly play sniper. Payload Race is the way to go if you want to practice your sniping skills especially on Hightower (map), where there are one or two REALLY good places to snipe and/or compete with other snipers (sniper wars, they are pretty intense).
  9. Do you have a favorite weapon in BF4?

    My favorite weapon is the AWS by far because  I am a big lmg person and it is like the mg4, but it has a faster fire rate . Even though it has 200 total ammo and uses 100 at a time, I use the offensive perk set, which makes my total ammo 400 so it balances out. I also carry an ammo pack which makes pretty much everything have infinite ammo. The other weapons I use for other classes are the ace 23, dbv-12, and the srr (idont know the full name) sniper rifle. 
  10. Well if you watch the actual pros that stream, then you should pick up atleast something. Builds have to be adjusted by who you are against, if you have played league for awhile you learn how to adjust certain builds, but I agree with you that we should be experiencing making our own builds, but the pros know what they are doing, most of the time.
  11. I have been watching a lot of LoL (doublelift, imaqtpie, riot games, etc.) on Twitch and I have been learning a lot from the Twitch streams. As I am level 30 I have experienced a lot and learned many things, but the twitch streams have taught me a lot from tips and tricks when laneing to things like farming and exploiting the jungle in late game. What are your thought or experiences from LoL esports and twitch streams?
  12. Server Reputation Information

    ohhh, that makes sense now, thank you for the clarification.
  13. Server Reputation Information

    How do you become  a server admin? I am pretty sure they are the ones with the black words in game chat and what are the requirements.
  14. Wondering about the league

    It is a really fun game once you get to level 30 and understand how items and certain lanes work, watch so youtube or twitch, thats how I learned alot after reaching lvl 30. It teaches you alot of new tricks with farming and laneing.
  15. Mann Vs. Machine

    It's fun, but you have to set everything up really well or you wont get enough bots

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