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    Asus Z87-K
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    PNY GeForce GTX 770
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    CM N400 ATX Mid Tower Case
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    HP Wireless Keyboard, Dell mouse
  1. Getting our team together!!!

    @[member='BookD20'] Cool. I guess I did see that in-game the other night. Ill use that group from now on. Thanks!!!      Pupp
  2. Any one exited for the new Chinese destroyer?

    Agreed Book! The Kamikaze is not bad almost identical to the Minekaze.. which was one of my fav mid tier jap dd. do to the triple torp launchers.
  3. Getting our team together!!!

    Hey Puppies here! Actually go by Lord_Krakenn in wow. Just wanted to post a new thread to see who we can get on-board!....   I play AZ time zone which actually changes soon in March. If your wanting any help what so ever please let me know. Have been playing since closed beta. Have a few secrets i could show ya.    Always looking for a Div. With the new update we can take into battle a group of 7-10 sailors. 7 in one team plus 3 Mercenaries. Actually since this is so new... i have to admit im still learning too on how exactly the mercs work.   Lastly, i am in game most if not all evenings. And some times during the day.   Hope to see you guys out there!!!   Pupp / Krakkenn        
  4. Any other players?

    Anyone looking for a Div - Lord_Krakenn   Would be great to see some ADK members online. :)
  5. Any one exited for the new Chinese destroyer?

    @[member='War_Adm1ral']    This is a good video showing off its tricks. It is a tricky ship to play because the guns have hamsters in a wheel to turn them. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-mAQUCKYss
  6. Favorite nation and class lines

    DD’s: US Nicholas T5 – Farragut T6 – Sims T7   Favorite method of destruction… Unloading HE rounds on unsuspecting BB’s / Cruisers / DD’s and watch them burn… I am having so much darn fun in my Tier 6 US DD the Farragut. It's all about finding that sweet spot where you can shoot at them and go un-detected. Its tricky but if you can get it right there is literally no ship that scares me. Err well expect  the Cleveland.   Jap – Shimakaze T10   Russian – Gremyashchy T5 – Great little DD.   Cruisers:   US - Cleveland!!! – I literally have 500,000 XP on this boat and refuse to buy the Pensacola. 
  7. My in-game name is Lord_Krakenn, in case you wanna add that to the list. But ya that would be great! I check in on Team Speak a few times and only once saw people in the channel.   Let me know if there is anything else i can do to help get this going. :)   Thanks!
  8. Any one exited for the new Chinese destroyer?

    @[member='SovietSandvich'] - I recently purchased the Anshan. Its alright but I'm already bored of it. Was only 20 bucks, so no big loss...   So this is a Chinese DD based on a Russian design. So one of the great things about this ship are its guns, especially on AP rnds shooting at cruisers and scoring massive Citadel hits. Well rounded ship too. Torps, guns, conceal. Armor is paper, but hey it is a DD.
  9. ARP Kongo

    @[member='Bromance'] @[member='War_Adm1ral']   - Forgot to add that.
  10. ARP Kongo

    Yes you can see them in-game. But... only those who have their home port selected as Yokosuka. If you have say New York as your port then you would'nt see them.   Make sense?   Pupp
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking to find others interested in playing this game. I currently play every day, about 3-5 matches.   I guess I am wondering on the forums where I can find others to DIV up with and be on Teamspeak.    Thanks, Pupp!
  12. Hello! Looking to purchase a new monitor for games and graphic design... I know there's gotta be a decent monitor out there that works well on both fronts.... Just have no clue  which one or brand.   I have about $400 - $500 bucks maybe lil more if its gonna blow my mind. ;)   Looking for somthing around 27" - 29" size.   Thanks for any input!!!!   Pupp    
  13. Lol! Mehaffy/Sikosis, that's ok I can take it and yes I'm a noob but getting better... a lil! I do think a leash is a good idea as this pup likes to drink.   Hey Mehaffy I live in Phoenix too! 36th and Indian School. What part are you from?   Pup!
  14. Friday the 13th Rush Event 7:00 p.m. central standard time

    Looking forward to this! I think we should make Jack into a shank cushion! :Dead Zombie:

    Thanks Razor!!! I was just watching someone who posted an in game video last night and I am drooling! So please add me to the list!   Thanks good sir!   puppy

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