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    Seattle area

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    Window 8.1 Pro 64bit
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    Intel 4771 OC'd to 4 GHZ
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    16 GB G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series DDR3 2133
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    2 500 GB WD black and 1 256 SSD boot
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    Create X-fi
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    ASUS 27 "
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    Cool Master HAF 932 advanced
  1. bf4 down again?

    No your not the only one, according to EA Origin is down
  2. Guide For Operation Metro

     I know when I play you really need to play as a team, either the US breaking through or the RU blocking the breakthroughs. If everyone is playing "lone wolf" it just turns into a bigger slugfest.
  3. R42 - Battlefield Server Patch - 9/30/2014

    Yes, starting to like the patch
  4. Your favorite gun and setup after patch

    Starting to like the 416 suppressed painted urban spray , but the bulldog was a favorite with  a heavy barrel
  5. How ADK can help your Battlefield 4 K/D

     Thanks for all the information, looks like I have some work ahead of me to improve and I can't complain about the 12 year olds sitting at home for 10 hours playing.
  6. GTX 980

    Yes it will work just fine
  7. Need pro advice on windows

     I made the switch to 8.1 this year, I had been running 7 Pro since it was released and loved it, but wanted to switch to a ssd for my boot drive and 8.1 handles ssd's much better than 7 does
  8. Favorite map and game mode to play on that map.

    Conquest on METRO and Silk road
  9. What to do when people steal your vehicle

    Not much to do about it some people are just that way
  10. Pc specs

    Intel I-7 4771 OC'd to 4 GHZ with H80i water cooling   16 GB of Memory   ASUS Z87 ROG motherboard   2 500 GB WD HD's and a 256GB SSD for the OS (Windows 8.1)   and a ASUS GTX 660TI Video card, but I have a new GTX 970 on order
  11. Incredible Random Lag Spikes in BF4 only

     The patch fix the issue I was having.
  12. Knife throw

    Sounds like fun if true
  13. Hello to fellow gamers

    Thanks everyone
  14. Cant Play in #5 TDM "Fix Your Ping - Missing"

     Had the same thing happen on the 23rd never before or after.
  15. Ground Armor Needs Re-Working

    @[member='Headslammer'] is mostly right, the front and sides of modern armor are very impervious to an old RPG-7 style attack the attacker would have to go for a rear or top attack to do any real damage, one of the tanks in my platoon during the first gulf war was hit with a RPG-7  in the front armor and all it did was put a softball size divot and chip off some paint. The best the attacker could hope for in a front attack with an RPG would to do splash damage to knock out some of the crew that maybe standing in the turret and damage the optics.  The tanks in the conflict in Syria are older export versions of soviet design from the 50's to the 70's. About all they are good for is suppressing infantry, mobile pill boxes and fighting the same designed tanks. When we would hit a T-55 or T-72 with the SABOT round they would go straight through and skip in the sand behind the tank, the first time that happened the tank did not pop the turret or catch fire right away so 2 other tanks also shot it.  

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