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  1. FPS Optimization - Planetside 2

    I have a question about the flora settings... is that why some people pick me out of the bushes when I think I'm pretty well hidden?  They have the plants turned low and can't see them?  On my screens, it looks like a perfect hiding place for a stealthed- or unstealthed infiltrator, but some people just walk right up and shoot me.
  2. How Did You Get Your Name?

    The first character I created was NoobiePants... I wanted people to feel ashamed when I killed them... killed by a noob.  Then I started playing and discovered half the population is named noob-this or noob-that; and I felt sad and unoriginal.   The character I have been playing as lately, though, is WretchedWasteOfSkin.  I originally wanted just Wretched, but it was taken, so I picked Wretched Waste Of Skin instead of something like Wretched1803.     Long ago, I did volunteer work at a haunted house (see the devil garb in my avatar pic).  I spent many hours picking through cheesy movies, looking for messed up things to say to people that would make them feel a bit unnerved.  In one episode of cheesy sci-fi, a cannibal barbarian woman gave a guy the nickname "Waste of Skin" because she thought his skin would be so much better suited as a rug or wall hanging or something.  I think I added the Wretched part myself for extra syllables.  I used to call people Wretched Waste of Skin while scaring the crap out them in darkened creepshows- it wasn't vulgar, so I could get away with it.
  3. Hi from Planetside 2

    WretchedWasteOfSkin here from Planetside 2, formerly Noobiepants (remade my character to reflect my real gender- tired of fighting off teenage boys, and to update that I'm not really as much of a noobie anymore.).   I'm also involved in Landmark Beta, the precursor to Everquest Next- but have taken to Plantside 2 to alleviate boredom while waiting for them to finish the game.   I work.  A lot.  I don't always have time to log in and play- you may find that I suddenly disappear for a week or two, but I usually come back.   Anyway, I just want to let you know that I'm here.   :D   -Wretched

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