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    Windows 7 64 bit
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    MSI Z97
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    Intel Core i5 4690k quad core 3.5k gHz
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 760 4GB-DDR5
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    it's enough
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    Patrior Viper Xtreme 8Gb DDR3
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    PNY XLR8 240GB SSD
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    i can hear....
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    i can see...
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    it holds it all...
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    Steel Series Merc Stealth keyboard, Logitech G700s mouse
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    fast enought for my needs
  1. So, just wanted to make you all aware, i haven't play BF3 in forever, and do no currently have it on this computer. But it is still installed on my old retired gaming computer. And since i share my origin account with my son, if you see AyersHole online in BF3, that is NOT me. that is my boy. just wanna clear up any confusion. Rule of thumb AyersHole + BF3 = it's not me.    i only play BF4.   thank you for your attention in this matter.   @[member='HaRdLy007'] @[member='MrsVirtue1776'] @[member='Type2dk'] @[member='Virtue1776'] 1776  
  2. JacknifeJones

    @[member='JacknifeJones']   glad to see you. I would say on these forums what i would normally say to you in TS after a 5th consecutive death against you, but that could be taken out of context.   i say it to you alot... hopefully you will recall. ;)   Ayers
  3. GTX 770 VS GTX 970

    you would probably get better FPS. like i said, i like to utilize the mindset "more is always better"   Ayers
  4. GTX 770 VS GTX 970

    @[member='DaveGold']   it is dedicated memory for helping to process graphics. the more onboard GPU memory that is used for graphics, the less system memory is used, and over all better PC performance.   Ayers
  5. GTX 770 VS GTX 970

    @[member='DaveGold']   well, as with any amount of ram, either in your system or on your GPU, can't go wrong with "more is always better".     i currently run a 760 GTX that has 4GB onboard.
  6. GTX 770 VS GTX 970

    @[member='DaveGold']     are you able to play on ultra?
  7. GTX 770 VS GTX 970

    @[member='DaveGold']   what is your current frame rate you are currently getting?
  8. GTX 770 VS GTX 970

    @DaveGold   secondary question, what is your current video card you are using?
  9. GTX 770 VS GTX 970

    let me pose an alternate question first. what are your current system specs? cpu/ram/ etc.    Ayers
  10. R42 - Battlefield Server Patch - 9/30/2014

    i have enjoyed the patch and felt if fixed some issues. but as ive seen on ADK servers from "pubbies" you can't make everyone happy. then again, i am not the best player in BF4, so what would i know?    Ayers
  11. Lockers none explosives on EU?

    this would be a GREAT idea. extends the ADK name on more of a global level, and give players in that part of the world a more low ping region to play on.!    @[member='Benny_co86'] you have destroyed me several times on the US servers (US is where i live). of you say you are "crippled" here on US servers, i would hate to see you on your home turf! ;) but in all seriousness, have a no explosives server on the EU side would be great. give ADK popularity on the EU side, and would let players like benny clean house! for what it is worth, this idea has my vote!   Ayers
  12. So, an idea i had after my first ADK member meeting....   For me, it's either BF4, or i am not on my PC. So my idea is...   What about a BF4 community meeting twice a week? Doesn't have to be Monday... but twice a week, BF4 Admins, Managers, Advisers and the general population get together and talk about BF4 stuff that we are seeing on the servers, etc. Maybe a chance to raise issues...propose ideas... what ever.   Why do i propose this?    After attending my ADK members meeting, and given the fact that i ONLY play BF4, i really didn't care to hear about minecraft, planetside, and what ever other games that falls under the ADK banner. In short, i only care about BF4, and community promotions (like the PC build give away, t-shirt/sweater swag)   Why do i think this will help?   1) if others are like me, and your games within ADK community is not covered, no need to waste your time.   2) give the "only BF4" guys a chance to get to know the managers and admins (for those who dont know who they are)   This idea is not an attempt to foster "eliteism" within the ADk community, more like, "lets get to know our fellow hardcore BF4 players.   And if other ADK memebers play other games under the ADK banner, than awesome!  You are a better man than I!   like i said, not trying to foster a "my game is better than your game" mentality. But for me, as ONE individual, BF4 stuff is all i care about.   I hope that i have communicated my ideas without looking like an elitist jerk. not my intention. and if you took it as such.... well.... thats on you. i already gave my motivations.     Ayers   @[member='HaRdLy007'] @[member='MrsVirtue1776'] @[member='Virtue1776'] @[member='Type2dk'] @[member='NikolaiRimskyK] @[member='Marcinkoman']   and other advisers/admins i may have missed...   what do you all think?
  13. Pc specs

    @[member='Bromance']   yea, that's what it was. had to go to an online invoice, didn't wanna post a wrong component. thanks!   Ayers
  14. Getting the UCAV

    perhaps i shall have to give the UCAV another go. (on the appropriate server of course!)
  15. Pc specs

    why did my post get highlighted that way... 

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