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  1. It's Alive!!!!

    We definitely need to set up to play some tf2 sometime, I remember when the server was at capacity every night.. now is empty every night =( I'll be on most nights 11 and onward hit me up on steam or what have you. And AOB is still a whore i see,some things never change
  2. It's Alive!!!!

    Hello. I'm an old clan member from tf2 who has been on a long hiautus, am trying to get back into online gaming now. Currently playing LoL,Swtor and hoping to get back into tf2 a bit(currently do not own bf3 wich seems to be the clan's main focus now.) I'll post my LoL info in the appropriate thread and will be lurking about the forums and in TS. Look forward to meeting many of you,the clan seems to have grown significantly in my absence.

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