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    Chatan, Okinawa
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    My interests include gaming, reading, and playing with cats.

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    Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
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    AMD FX-8150 Eight-Core (Overclocked)
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 680
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    1600w LEPA (I know it's overkill. I got it on sale very cheap)
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    32.0 GB DDR3-1600 (Corsair)
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    1T HDD (Western Digital); 800 GB SSD (Intel)
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    Realtek High Definition Audio
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    Asus VS248
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    Erebus GT Full
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    Razer Naga Epic,Astro A-40,G510, Bose Speakers/Sub

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  1. The Verse - Terra system

    That 300i is not drawn to scale at all.
  2. The Wheel of Time

    I actually just began the "Wheel of Time" series. It has a detailed description of every character pertinent to the story or not.
  3. I need something new

    If you like Cowboy Bebpop, try other animes from the same director. I just started watching "Space Dandy". It has a similar feel as Cowboy Bebpop because it is made by the same guy, but it has a lot more humor. Try it out. I would also suggest Hunter X Hunter. Better than either of those though is to start reading manga. You have many more options. I do both.
  4. Capture the flag on Turbine is my favorite. I play sniper, engineer, or spy most often. I love protecting the flag in lower levels.
  5. Zeddicus's Introduction

    ADK Forum,   My name is Jordan but I use the tag "Zeddicus". I'm 23 years old and live in Japan. I'm in the Navy and attached to a group of marines as medical support. From time to time I am absent from the games I play most often due to obligations. However, I spend most of my free time on the computer. Games that I enjoy most are those that challenge me. Although I have over 100 Steam games, I only play one or two at a time. I've been playing a lot of Insurgency lately. In the past, I have been an admin on a DayZ epoch server. I have been anticipating the release of Star Citizen for nearly two years. I'm excited to see that there is a community of players on ADK that are excited for its release as well. What I want most out of ADK is a dedicated group of professional players who will play and communicate in a calm and collected manner. I want to be able to speak without being interrupted by an excited teenager or inpatient, childish adult. I want a dependable team that communicates well and enjoys competitive gameplay. An interest I have outside of gaming is reading. I just finished a book called “The End of Faith” and began reading “Lying”; both were written by Sam Harris. In addition to finding a Star Citizen group, my goal is to become an ADK member with whom can be asked and help with any question a new member is struggling with.   -Jordan  
  6. Longest Meter Headshot?

    6550 Meters with my M9.

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