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    Win 7
  • Mobo
    Asus M5A97 LE R.2
  • Processor
    FX-6350 @4.2ghz
  • Graphics
    GTX 660 oc
  • PSU
    550w cooler master
  • RAM
    12gb @1666
  • Storage
  • Audio
    Turtle Beach x32 wireless
  • Monitor
    3x Gateway KX2153 1080p 60hz (running in nv surround)
  • Case
    NZXT Source 210 Windowed
  • Peripherals
    Turtle Beach x32 Wireless, standard keyboard and mouse
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  1. Pc specs

    thanks you guys for all of the specs and ideas for gpus to get
  2. So ive been thinking and i was wondering your guys opinions on the thought of video games eventually dying off and all video game companies folding. In my opinion i think standard console gaming will die off in 10 years and pc will take over then slowly keyboard and mouse pc gaming will slowly go away and full body motion vr will take over for a long time.   reply with your thoughts. thanks
  3. Pc specs

    Im now thinking about going to AMD R9 290 Gigabyte Windforce
  4. Intro to me (vexhl)

    yeah i know most of that :p i just need more posts and more ts hours i think im close to the 10 in adk servers though :)
  5. Whats better for ultra/high for bf4

    i do like me some purdyy graphics lol im just wondering what to get because my gtx 660 barely gets 60 fps @lowest settings due to my resolution (5760x1080) and i have to turn my resolution scale down to 70% also 
  6. Intro to me (vexhl)

    thanks imma try to be an admin asap but i dont know if im old enough
  7. Whats better for ultra/high for bf4

    but im wondering which would get better performance 
  8. Whats better for ultra/high for bf4

    uhh ive had bad experiences with drivers and amd gpus not working and doa's so id much rather stick to nvidia because ive never had a problem with their gpus
  9. what would be better for running bf4 on ultra (no msaa) @ 5760x180 resolution (nv surround) ive been thinking between  GTX 660 sli (i already have 1 660 so it would be cheaper but hotter) or GTX 780 3gb please reply     thanks   (id like to stick with nvidia)
  10. Pc specs

    My pc specs are CPU: AMD FX-6350 @4.2ghz (stock cooler :p) MOBO: ASUS M5A97 le r.2 GPU: EVGA GTX 660 oc (and if anyone knows if a GTX 660 sli is better than GTX 780 3gb for 5760x1080 (nv surround) please tell me) RAM: 12 gb ram @1666 Hard Drives: 1tb hdd (and is a 120gb ssd worth it for games?) PSU: 500w cooler master psu CASE: NZXT source 210 windowed (reply with your specs)
  11. What's your favorite map?

    my favorite map has to be operation locker (seeing as though all i play is that 24/7 on the adk no explosive server)
  12. Intro to me (vexhl)

    haha yeah i reported myself but then right after i got a reputation increase so idk if i even got in trouble x)
  13. Intro to me (vexhl)

    yeah i try my best to follow the rules :p were you in the game when i reported myself for smoke??
  14. Intro to me (vexhl)

    uhh so im Vexhl but my irl name Is Andrew. I usually play bf4 but i also have cs:go/source, war thunder, planetside 2 and a few others. I'm 14 years old and in the 9th grade. I play a basketball for the school and a AAU team and i play baseball for the school and will be on the VFW team in the spring. Ive recently made the move from console cod (xbox 360) to pc bf4 which to me is very different. i built the pc i use which is pretty cool i think. The specs are FX-6350 @4.2ghz (planning on getting water cooling and moving to ~4.5ghz) a gtx 660 (trying to decide on going to 660 sli or a gtx 780) i play across 3 1080p 60hz monitors @5760x1080. i also have 12GB of ram and a 1tb hdd and i want to get a 120gb ssd to but games on. i usually play on one of the ADK no explosive operation locker 24/7 servers and i want to help ban/punish people for disobeying the no explosive rule. sooo thats me im pretty boring and such but whatever BYE.      ps sorry for going all over the place but yeah bye again thanks

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