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  1. Hey people

    Welcome to the forums if you need anything or have problems let me know im usually on at the odds hours of the night and day
  2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    im pretty pumped for this game
  3. plannig on building a gaming computer

    You may be able to get some discounted gear if you wait about 2 months new generation stuff is coming and all the old stuff drops. If you want a cheap build I can get you something set up Sent from my LGLS991 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  4. Chee Wong

  5. Introduction

    welcome to the fam, my fam.
  6. Drift

    hey man glad you guys are coming on over
  7. intro

    i am zudamour and i approve this message
  8. Transplant/New Guy

    Welcome @JDazzle, hope to see you in cherno sometime maybe we can wreak some havoc together. i do some pretty interesting and fun methods of doing missions and contesting them
  9. vlad and trop made me sad

    @Vladimir @tropical
  10. vlad and trop made me sad

    why you gotta be so rude, dontchu know im human too
  11. Finally was able to get back on the site.

  12. ADK in house Game Night (NA Server)

    Sunday: Available all day Monday: Available all day Tuesday: Available all day Wednesday: Available all day Thursday: Available all day Friday: Available earlier in the day but 5-10pm im busy Saturday: Available earlier in the day but 5-10pm im busy   Central Time
  13. Wierd Keybindings

    so i have always been told that i have some wierd keybindings for league so i was deciding to give my layout to people as a new idea if theyd like to try it or see how it is i play.     first off i do not use my mouse to move the screen... ever. my mouse generally stays in the middle of my screen and i do not use locked screen or use space bar to move my screen. so how do i move it you ask? well heres my keybindings starting with camera movement.   Up - W Down - S Left - A Right - D   ive been so use to playing WoW and FPS's that its nartural for my hand to sit on those keys. Another benefit to using these keys for that is so the mouse always stays in the middle of the screen and allows for better last hitting or targetting with spells.   for the rest of my key bindings.   Ability 1 - 1 Ability 2 - 2 Ability 3 - 3 Ability 4 - 4   to level my abilities is Ctrl key with the number of ability.   Item 1 - Q Item 2 - E Item 3 - C Item 4 - unbound (this is where my boots go) Item 5 - 6 (usually dont have actives here) Item 6 - 7 (usually dont have actives here)   Trinket - 5   Summoner 1 - R Summoner 2 - F     the rest of the bindings i usually clear except stop attacking which is H. aside from checking the scoreboard details and such. I also use smart cast on everything.   if you like these or wanna try em out i think you may like them.
  14. Season 5 Jungle tips

    another edit to the jungle path after alot of expirementing, you want to do gromp(smite target), blue, wolves, red(smite target), raptors, and if you can do them golem camp.
  15. Amazingly i have picked up support, and have been playing so many thresh and braum games i cant even count. im surprised at how fun support is this season.

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