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  1. I'm simply bored out of my fudging mind and I want to get back into LoL. As a few of you may know, I do not do competitive or anything close to it. So no no to pvp in LoL, too many cry babies and blame-ers. So I want to play co-op but I've already tried most of the weird-ass builds to play co-op on. I'm looking for suggestion, a build that fit into the coolest/funniest/craziest/derpiest/dumbest/trollish build of any champion to try on just to have fun. I want the teammates in co-op to be like "WTF, SHIT WE GOT A NOOB!" Don't suggest me to get like inventory full of wards or "go without equipments". Not fun =/ A build that works, but doesn't suck really bad to the point where the bots can smash me to pieces. A legit build. Not like making Shen get manamune or riven to get AP items. I've tried AP range building AD manamune pantheon (effective if you're spamming Q and doing well without other items) Pure attack speed So yea, tl;dr, give a troll build that SHOULD work but considered "stupid" in normal/ranked. Thanks in advance to all who suggest. Hopefully >_<
  2. Both has its ups and downs but I plan on going all in and never look at the GPU upgrades for a good long time. Seeing how new GPUs are attempting to cater to VR and 4k resolutions, most people are still sticking to 1080p resolutions, myself included. With that these cards should be able to maintain a very high FPS with high-max settings with 1080p resolutions. However... 1070 cards are weaker than the 1080 and thus cheaper and more affordable. I'm not sure if the longevity of the 1070 is worth comparing to the 1080. The plan is to have the card hold out until I need a brand new computer build. So far I'm up to speed with all my component now with GPU lacking behind. And another reason is that I hate the 700s series GPU booster 2.0. It forces itself to work extra hard on everything. Games such as Minecraft won't be FPS capped and will run around 2k fps for no reason and cooking the GPU as if I were playing Crysis 3 on max settings. Same issues with Dying Light and haven't figured a workaround. 1070 is affordable but not sure if the card will last longer being as it is a more budget card. Lots in stock. 1080 is the highest mainstream card and will definitely have the highest longevity ratings. Out of stock, EVERYWHERE IS OUT OF STOCK! Can the 1070 be overclocked to the point where it mimics the 1080? If so I may as well just buy the 1070 and save the extra 200~ bucks. If not... well ... much thinking still.
  3. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Drop by anytime man! I love the roasting you do, its a good read. Even though you roasted my ass that one time. I laughed, then raged, then laughed again. Lesson learned. Cya around o/
  4. leaving ADK

    Leaving? wow... That's a little hard to take in. Man this is depressing. Always enjoyed playing with you man! Games and otherwise chatting. When you first became a ts admin, I found you a nuisance because how you wanted to make sure things were going correctly, making sure you did okay, performance-wise. Man that was annoying because sometimes same questions were asked. Then fast-forward 5 months and you became one of the best teamspeak admins I've ever worked with. You really improved, from being not-confident to being confident, to being shy to very talkative. Stay in touch on steam, else we'll never see each other again in the void of the internet. The last beacon.
  5. Geforce GTX 1070 or 1080?

    yes the x80 ti so far were always top of the line and seated itself next to the performance of a Titan card if not slightly weaker. But I think the ti card performance is all based on AMD's answer to the Nvidia releases. And yes, ti will always be a better price per performance.
  6. Gonna be out for awhile

    Alright man! Best of luck to you!
  7. Geforce GTX 1070 or 1080?

    I went with the 770 upgrade from my GTX 460. Now that was indeed a nice upgrade. 780ti was only a month old at the time so the cost of many 7xx cards were dropping. The reason why I didn't pick up the 780ti at the time was due to the reason that I was planning on SLI the 770 at some point. This would allow more performance gain and continued longevity. But I also planned SLI-ing on the GTX 460 as well. I never got to do that because by the time I wanted to upgrade, SLI, the cards were no longer in production. Was too old, if I wanted one, I'd have to buy some overpriced card from someone which also doesn't guarantee whether it works nor have warranty. My decision to go for the GTX 1080 was the idea of going all out but still save money. I mean... all out and you'd expect me to pick up a Titan X(Pascal) right? ... Also SLI doesn't guarantee performance gains as well. That factor kicked my idea of upgrading to a x60/x70 card. x60 budget card/x70 mainstream performance card/x80 high-end performance/x80ti high-end performance card (that nvidia "upgraded" because AMD couldn't keep up)/Titan extreme performance card for the PC enthusiast. I'm probably only going to buy x80 cards and up at this point with no intention of SLI.
  8. Geforce GTX 1070 or 1080?

    If I were you and you are waiting. Wait for the EVGA classified.
  9. Geforce GTX 1070 or 1080?

    Nice computer! I went with the 1080. Fought against the demand and managed to get one. Now I have to pray for a win in the silicon lottery as well as a NOT DOA card. Gonna do a nice overclock close if not over 2000 MHz on the clock speeds
  10. Wow you lost a lot Sad times :(
  11. No wonder! I couldn't catch a stupid Abra after doing a curve ball. And it was less than a 100 CP ....
  12. Group of "fail" students are discriminated in a prestigious school and shunned into a shitty classroom in a shitty building located in a shitty place. Now a weird thing wants to teach those students. ... sure normal plot. Here's a twist, he wants to students to assassin him. The government wants the students to assassinate him. Reward is 1 billion yen. Why? He threatened to blow up the planet Earth if he doesn't get assassinated by the time the students graduate.     There's a LOT of comedy. Even had some references from other animes :P As of this post, the anime is still on-going.
  13. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)

    Season 2 .. god dam man tears :'( Fucking final good byes ... teacher-student relationship at a whole different expected level. I'm scared to rewatch this series again because of the feels :( they said it was comedy! I WAS SUPPOSE TO LAUGH AT THE END WTF!
  14. Summer 2016 Releases

    AWWW yeas Winter break anime binge watching Winter break is set for 1 week!
  15. Guild Wars 2?

    Server only matter in world vs world .... they merged pvp lobby map and the pve maps into the mega servers so places don't feel as empty as it was before. Blackgate is where we all started but again... it doesn't matter anymore unless wvw purposes.
  16. A worthy goal! I guess I'll wait and see how the whole thing works. Cause I mean usually a game that big (potentially bigger than Elite: Dangerous) would usually have a beta at least. right? or am i pulling this out of my ass? I dont even know :(
  17. Nvidia Pascal Cards

    So fucking hype! I'm dirt poor to buy 1080 :( and I don't want to buy the 1070. It's faster than the current titan X but I'd feel the same way when it gets to that point where 1080s are still good and 1070s are now obsolete. After getting it, I don't know what bottlenecks I'd have for my computer anymore ... RAM? nah I can always download more Probably going to sell my current 770 card for the money or turn it into a dedicated PhysX card.
  18. Nvidia Pascal Cards

    I dunno if the hype train I'm on can let me out. Then again, I still am trying to scrounge up money for the 1080 :( train arrives at store sees everyone buying one walk up to a clerk and ask if i can get one clerk asks "That'd be $679.99." "I can't afford it", I replied. "Sucks to be you. Get a job bruh." Clerk said. :( But anyways someone did say that the 1080 seems to be held back either it was not developed long enough and Nvidia decide to release it early as possible and/or decide the max potential of the 1080 will be in the 1080ti.
  19. On my wishlist too on steam! But the only problem I have with the game is the end part ... what happens if you finish upgrading the ship and your suit? Keep exploring? I know there's tribes to learn from as well but I doubt there's a game out there with so many different tribes that it'd be almost endless progression. WAY too good to be true. I don't even think the technology for that is even possible right now. Then again the development cycle for this game is flawless, not too short and not too long.
  20. Nvidia Pascal Cards

    Oh I did a bit more research.. i guess it would be a hindrance to add a dedicated card even if its same or two series down. lame... okay then selling the 770 it is then
  21. Graphics drivers crashing frequently.

    ahh well .. just trying to help. If you had proper grammar I may have seen the "fresh format" part clearly. Anyways good luck with the issue, hope the future patch fixes w/e crap ails your computer.
  22. Graphics drivers crashing frequently.

    I'm currently on the version 364.51 and has NO problem despite like half the dam nvidia forums complaining of whatever crap plagues them. I'm also aware that @Silent166 has the 970 card and is using my version as well or has moved to the latest version 364.72 and has no complaint about any issues. I'm using the nvidia 770 gtx card. did you use DDU before patching the graphics driver? ever since i discovered this awesome program ... pretty much no more issues, including the one you mentioned.
  23. Looking for a sci-fi anime

    Trigun (maybe?) Gurren Lagann Gundam seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam 00, Gundam 00 S2 One Punch Man (kinda not sci-fi) zzzz tough finding an anime like that.... that doesn't have mecha on it. I think its the last of its kind for now.
  24. Is 20 posts too many?

    4 years ago it was just 10 posts...   yea ... think about that for a moment :lol: then again it was a fairly small size community that's about to take its steps into the "medium" size
  25. Sword Art Online


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