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  1. Must read military novels (nonfiction)

    @[member='CanadianDesperado'] I read the book a while back and enjoyed it not for the war stories, (which honestly aren't all that well written) but for the realistic portrayal of what family life is like for heavily deployed members of our military. I think CPO Kyles made his book much better by including excerpts from his wife. Her point of view was invaluable in the story. 
  2. Rorsch Mk-1 can be quiet fun....

    Please....no more....
  3. Rorsch Mk-1 can be quiet fun....

    :( boo
  4. Ways To Improve The Phantom Bow

    Definitely needs a medpack attachment. I discussed this earlier on TS. I want to be able to shoot my teammates with health. 

    @[member='XionZ87']     I got one on Op Whiteout today. Just happened to check a known spot after I joined a server to play regularly and there it was. Let me know when you guys want to try to the elevator. 
  6. Possible new DLC??? Weapon?? Feature??

    I'd love to see a classic Strike at Karkand map!
  7. 20mm,25mm and 30mm

    I love the 30 mm because you can sneak up behind an enemy jet and take them out in 1 sec. Just wait for them to turn or loop and lineup the lead. It takes very few shots for a full kill and they don't even get a chance to fight back. 
  8. Hydra or Zuni or Smart Rocket?

    Definitely hydra. I've been trying out the smart rockets for a bit now and they just don't hit hard and still miss just as much as hydra with decent aim. The smart rockets also don't do well against infantry. 
  9. How much screen is too much screen?

    I have this same question. My 22" monitor feels small but my 55" tv is too large. I need to find a nice middle ground. 
  10. Commander-in-Chief's Trophy

    @[member='mattswarley'] They played a great game against Notre Dame. Some really impressive stuff considering the obvious skill and especially size advantage. I don't think Army will have much of a chance this year. 
  11. Commander-in-Chief's Trophy

    Anyone watching the Air Force - Army game on right now?    Who do you think is getting the trophy this year?   Who will win the Army- Navy game?
  12. General Stability

    That is interesting. I will look into this because I keep installs on my secondary drive to cut down on downloads (I have a 300gb limit). Perhaps it is possible that running the game from an old install folder could cause issues?
  13. General Stability

    Specs:   Intel i5 4590 Asrock Z97 Pro3 Motherboard Sapphire R9 280x (temporarily replaced with Radeon HD4850 during RMA) Patriot DDR3 PC-12800 8GB RAM Corsair CX600M 600W Power Supply Corsair 128 GB SSD WD 1 TB HDD   Driver install order: Automatic Windows install Graphics Drivers Chipset Drivers LAN Drivers Peripheral Devices (e.g. headset)   I'll be on the lookout for specific error codes and post them when I have more but the errors generally manifest without a report (e.g. BF4 crashing to desktop)   I ran MemTest86 and didn't get any errors for the memory when I was narrowing down the GPU issue. 
  14. @[member='JacknifeJones'] I would also like to kill and take tags from you! Though it may take awhile.... 
  15. General Stability

    Hello All,   I recently built a new PC and have since had nothing but issues. I already had to RMA a brand new GPU and now I crash a lot both while playing games and using the PC casually. Does anyone have any tips or tweaks on how to improve stability on windows 8 and in BF4?

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