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  1. Wards! Never Leave Base Without One!

    This is a great guide!   Most people just place a ward in a bush someone in route to where ever they are going! I hope everyone takes the time to read this very informative guide!
  2. Hello Competitive players!

    Id love to play with you!   I'm not anywhere near gold 5, but I do play well with teammates! Maybe we could Duo Q and you could at least help me strengthen my game!   My IGN is Trixer00, if all else fails come play some casuals with me!
  3. Who Am I? No Who are you!

    Thanks bud!   Having lots of fun here!
  4. So umm... I was told I had to do an introductory post to get membership... so here it goes.     My name is Isaac Dutton, I am a hardware software engineer for about eight years.  The primary games I play in the ADK community is League of Legends (Trixer00), Planet Side (Trixer420), and ArcheAge (Trixer) and Counter Strike: GO     I have became addicted to platoon leading in Planet Side.. but I also like long walks on the beach and short strolls in the rain!     I am a super friendly dude, and know a metric fuck ton about tech so feel free to ask me anything you want! I am always wiling to help anyone with coding stuff, computer stuff, or whatever!   Any other questions just ask!
  5. Advice on a new mouse?

    I love love love love my razer naga! I am on my secound one and I just cant see using any mouse  at all.  Its got 12 buttons on the side of the mouse for your thumb, and these can be mapped to any thing in games or applications and make hot keys litterally right at your thumb!   Further more the razer software saves your settings in the "cloud"  so you never loose them no matter what pc you sue the mouse on.. and sense I have like 25 various program's hotkeys mapped to my mouse it would suck to have to go and remap all of them all over.
  6. Need pro advice on windows

    This is personal opinion based on extensive testing of both operating systems. Windows 8.1 has a lot of newer gaming drivers and supports direct x 11 alot better then windows 7. Direct X is more or less built into windows 8.1 and also has much better driver support.   I moved from windows 7 to windows 8 due to gaming performance and never looked back..
  7. Alan, After reading this review and talking to you last night in teamspeak. I really think these glasses are the answer to eye strain! I have tons of friends that suffer from eye strain that have asked me about these glasses, having no experience with them I always thought they were pretty gimmicky. Now I know better and will be refering my friends to these glasses!

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