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  1. Current Changes in BF4 servers

     Stacking is a Joke, Ill call it as i have researched it. There's quite a few that get called out on their K/D and there's ALWAYS someone there to defend them. I will not name names, but there's a few, and they socall donate to come in night after night to sit in the top 5-6 on ONE side while players like me get stuck on the SAME team be it RU or US for 5-6 rounds of base rape. As i said i've done a ton of research and spent hours looking up players(this includes EVERYONE, but i dont really care about the glitchers) and i will not waste my time calling them out because as i said someone, even an admin will defend them. But when you do this research, and find that players in Our server only are getting these k/D ratio's, then it makes you not want to sit and play for any length of time because of the STACKS. Theres one guy in particular, A_I_P_A, the rest you know i wont spell it out, hes been banned a few times and as recently as yesterday for Aim+, Yesterdays ban was from onlypistolserver(that's the server) and on ADK #7 he has a 5/1 K/D ratio. Not in a thousand years. Ive seen so many that have insane skill scores of 1180, 115% accuracy, KpM/exp.KpM% like 346,222,213,202, and on and on. THATS why people are complaining in chat and also the stacking. Ive seen the server half clear after 2 rounds of that crud.    As Knight said, there's MANY sites that keep track of everything you do in this game, you can go to or pay to look up anything and everything on players(and i have paid), just because they can fool some software does not mean they can fool all of them. There's quite a few AntiCheat softwares out there and monitoring them on a daily  basis you find very, very interesting things.    I wont name names of anyone( except the player above because he was banned and its Metabans and fairplay,) if thats the way you get your jollies by pushing everyone to one side and having a turkey shoot that's you prerogative. But its a really cruddy way to live with yourself as a gamer i would think, but with things as the way they are today, i really do not think anyone cares what others think about them. Back when i started gaming there was a different code but threw the years since BF2's release, that  code of conduct went out the window when BF3 hit the shelves. I do not even want to mention counterstrike. LOL     But yah as Knight has mentioned, i come in once in awhile and play, try to stop the base rape with my squad or solo if i have to, but rarely that happens. Then after about 3 rounds on the losing team(as usual usually RU all night), i log out and play something else or go watch a movie.     To me, metro was always made to be a camping, padding map. In conquest even Dice knows this. If you cant get any points before the base rape begins(usually 4 minutes into the round) whats the point?    Just sad to see and it just got to me after reading these posts. I had to vent, or i was going to blow a fuse reading.    Sorry Letz, but that's the way the cookie crumbles now days. I give HUGE Props to anyone willing to Admin 7, you have your hands full to say the least.
  2. How much screen is too much screen?

    My 2 22" 2ms LED 's work great. I do wear real glasses since i ruined my eyes gaming all these years(32)(wish those gaming glasses came out sooner) But yah, when sitting only a foot and a half from the main monitor, all is well and i can see everything nicely at a nice 1680 x 1250. The boarderless design does make them nice too.
  3. Current Changes in BF4 servers

    Seen a player, cant remember the name, had a 600 ping and said he was whitelisted. That night was the worst i seen of server lag. To me it was because of him and a couple of 280 pingers. Seems to be a fact because when theres all people in under 200 with it full we get hit registers and kills. The other night it was like they were ghosts, 5-6 rounds with a DMR to the head and body at range and they stood there. As stated this is an observation. But seems to be so because the server is great if its 200 and below.   Harry
  4. Current Changes in BF4 servers

    You forgot to add the [HIT} Clan in there, they stack and if they have room they will take players like Mamba, Estien ,Saquara,letzgo and others. If theres not room in their squad the others squad up and its 2 squads that are out the door or at C in 2 minutes of the start of the game. Try hitting some of them LOL Yah right, Me and my two guys always chase them out there and its like they are teflon coated. just sayin.   If i got the names wrong thats because im not looking at a battle report at this moment, I knoe a few i got wrong but peope know who i mean OH and dudes like B3estman or whatever his name is, forget about it, DOMINIC2004 and them even with the one shot kill shotguns to the head do not work half the time. One disturbing style of play thats been happening is the Jumping and shooting crap, its insane how its even possible even if macco is used, i cant do it and i surly cant jumo prone and shoot unlike a few.   But yah, its to the point where people i watch in chat dont care anymore, my own mates in Vent dont, and we have played quite a bit less of the game because we love only one server and its gone a bit loopy and it makes us sad and not to have the urge as in the past couple weeks like we couldnt wait to play, that urge is gone a bit and that saddens me, now we either log off the computer at 7pm or less or we dont even sit and chat, its a silent vent the last few days. :(((
  5. welp!!!!

    Im stumped, I have a i5-2500K Clocked to 4.2 on air, and i dont have problems. Your 2600 has alot of life left, even if the 5th gen processors are out. Theres still a good 2 yrs left in our systems, only thing im doing is buying a Z77 oe a Z68 motherboard, the one i have doesnt have the best south bridge, actually its a workststion board.    GL and hope u figure it out.   Harry
  6. Current Changes in BF4 servers

    Pretty much 100% correct my friend. Agreed. Specially your last sentence.   Harry
  7. Current Changes in BF4 servers

    Just to chime in on the Squads, this last week and a half has left a foul taste in my mouth for some reason. We have widespread throwers, and explosives(yes we cant adimin 24/7), We have squads stacking no matter what and its usually the HIT players along with Mamba,letzgo and a coupe others like GOLD. No one can stop them no matter how we communicate. I have 5 in my vent and we try to stay in squad but guess what, one of us is ALWAYS auto balanced out. I still play, i try to report, but if its rape after rape, and i cant even get switched out of the losing team for 10 rounds, it really does make me sad and goto bed :(   Something has happened lately, do not know what it is, but something has turned 7 into a very sad state for a ton of players.  Im from a different generation of gamer, stretching back to the days of Castle wolfenstein sp? and MoH, my clan back then set examples, examples like not taking advantage of every glitch, this made it easier without having to yell at anyone, the players just stopped using them as much as they did making it easier on everyone. But lately, some new names and new tactics in the clan have just about put my friends and myself off of even wanting to play the game no matter the server. When something you loved playing(#7) takes a weird turn in such a quick manner it really does make people sad and thus not enjoy what was once enjoyed.    Theres also this ramped craze all of a sudden for reported people to quickly change out their kits and try to deny the reports made on them. Happened to me a couple times but caught them switching, same has been happening to people we trust, people with 4-500 points being accused by our own when clearly the person reporting cheaters with 4-500 Rep points is right, but the reported switch out and make like they didnt even have the item equiped. In chat that looks horrible.   Just my observations, last night was the 1st time i even thought of moving on. I dont want to, but it did enter my mind. :( (even the other day when someone typed in chat "They do not like you", he ment the Clan, it did not enter my mind.   Hope this post is not inappropriate? if so feel free to do what you must. Move, delete or whatever needs doing.   Harry
  8. ADK Shenanigans ~ lol

    What the f......... lol    Harry
  9. welp!!!!

    Yah Spec's of the system would help alot. Specially Processor, memory and vid card.   Harry
  10. Fastest and Easiest Round Of Lockers :)

    Thanks, it was a good roung lol, was quite a site seeing people waiting to type !surrender because they had no chance. I usually dont play to win like that because i think of Metro as a leveling map, but my 2 buddys always want to get out or in and take A or C and 8/10 times we do and i always LOL at the other team saying see, my K/D means nothing, getting you guys pissed off is more fun. LMAO.   Harry
  11. Fastest and Easiest Round Of Lockers :)

    3 minutes to capture A is my personal fastest and it was between monday and now. Talk about pissed off RU team. Got called all kinds of names LOL. Was worth it to prove a point.   Harry
  12. welp!!!!

    If you downloaded the windows 7 fix and executed it or put it in, and turned off acceleration off in windows settings and it did not work. it could be, High DPI and the need for a good mouse pad.   Thats all i can think of.   Harry
  13. Guide For Operation Metro

    Ummm Yes i do find it easy. If A or C are taken and im on the side that comes from A, Me and 2 others can and DO go take C, mind you its easier to take A if your US, but the last times i have wins on my log, it was times I,ME,UNO, And either 1 or 2 more have taken the othert teams last flag causing the game to end pretty quickly. But if im in the mood to just point up, i sit around and make someones day a bit bad. I am by no means great player, but i assuer you i can do what i say i can. :)   Harry
  14. ADK server error

    As far as i know, yes.   Harry
  15. Please help with Pb issue

    Cool then your OK? I remember having to go into the games files all the time in BF2 and 3 to use the PB Client updater, only way it worked sometimes. Then made sure i dont run my firewall and Anti virus and all was good back then. Now, in BF4, havent had a single problem with PB. Thank goodness.   Harry

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