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  1. BJ CottonSwab

  2. Recording session with the league of legends section of the ADK community for the BJ CottonSwab channel
  3. Recording session with the league of legends section of the ADK community for the youtube channel of BJ CottonSwab
  4. Ever though about playing graves in the midst of all those great long ranged champions like Caitly or Lucian? Well here are some reasons why. Graves is slow, yeah I will admit that, but every one of his shots can not be denied to be the most strong poking shots of all adc's. With the right support who can allow the opponent adc to be stunned for a little while until you close the gap between you and the opponent adc, that long range will not put them into a great advantage. Yes it can be hard for you to maintain your health while that Caitlyn is poking you whever you try to get a minion. However you have to endure that to wait for a little longer until you get all the skills and the right moment created by that thresh or leona support. Also, just blind that asshole who's been poking you so much and close your gaps on to him. The moment he becomes unblind, he will be surprised at how close you are and the damage you are putting on to him.    The best tip to playing graves, do not think that you lost just because you are a bit behind the opponent at early lvl, at lvl 6 you can be the most strong adc there has never been.   Counter champion - Yasuo                               - Jarvan                               - Jinx Best Fit Opponent Champion - Honestly I believe Graves can beat any adc that he is againt with the amount of potential he has.                                                   Large damage, easily overcomed attack speed with items, Critical strike, the blinding that allows you to                                                   close the gap, the Q and R that deals large amount of damage, and E that allows you to either close in                                                     on the gap or escape from all kinds of ganks or skills that tries to screw you up.   What are YOUR thoughts on Graves?   *PS. I wrote all this while my eyes were fading away to sleep so some grammar mistakes could have occured. Also, please message me if you want an additional specific champion to be analyzed :D  
  5. The best thing about twisted fate, the quick and easy teleportation to the lanes that require ganks and assisstance. If bot is being pushed too hard, its ok, you can just hit your ult, activate your W, transport in to the bush where they cant see you, click W to a yellow card and then just hit that son of a b***** so that he can become that trapped squirrel in the midst of herds of the hungry wolves. If top is being pushed, no difference, except the wolf pack is two instead of 3 :D well things can change if the opponent on that lane is super fed.   While being at mid, tf can show the best performance through its long range pokes that just can not be dodged and the yellow card that will trap all champions trying to get near you to use that skill. However inability to press that W right on that yellow card fast enough or the inability for you to take enough CS can just lead to torment at mid lane. Like most champions in League, it is the fast thinking and the hand-eye coordinance of the players that allows them to reveal their full potential.   Counter Champions - Syndra                                  - Leblanc                                  - Morgana   Best fit opponent champions - Diana                                                - Zed                                               - Riven ( Some have seen Faker play mid riven and trys to mimic his plays but never seen one too great )   What are YOUR thoughts on twisted fate?
  6. Irelia is a useful champion either if you feed your lane or win your lane, if you got the right build. When Irelia has lost her lane, do the skill differences or the champion counter, she can always be useful by clearing waves quickly with her ult and then building the strongest tank that the team has ever seen before. Go on ahead and build that HP and Armor or MR if they have mostly AP. It could be more efficient if you had the right tanky runes and masteries put out after you realized that the opponent is holding a counter champion from you and you think there is a low chance of you winning your lane.   When Irelia has won her lane, Irelia can become the biggest harasser in the game with the triforce that allows her to gain all kinds of abilities while she constantly hits their opponent. Also, consider going with the blade of the ruined king just to piss the opponents off with the slow and addition lifesteal you have. Dont forget, if you use your ultimate on to enemy's crowd of minons, you can get addition lifesteal that the opponent would never have thought about you receiving.   *Always build tanky midway into the game, you never know what an additional tank can do, or sometimes, people expect you to be the tank so always communicate with your team members.   Counter Champion - Jax                                - Malphite                                - Pantheon Best fit opponent champions - Nasus                                               - Fiora                                               - Gangplank   What are YOUR thoughts on Irelia?
  7. Ahri, based on my opinion, is the best mid lane champion you can have if you have the fast fingers and the ability to see whats happening while you are dashing in or out with your fast ultimate. Activate your W, dash in with your R, apply that E and Deathfire Grasp, dash out with your R while throwing down your Q, activate that W and then rush in with R again. BEST COMBO IN THE WORLD. Also, Ahri is the best champion to roam around the map and support all lanes at anytime beginning from lvl 6. However everything I said can be very difficult for champions that have skills that lock on to you, like the syndra ult that will still hit you even if syndra is dead. Otherwise Ahri is one of the top mid lane champions in game ( in my opinion ).   Counter Champions - Syndra                                  - Katarina                                  - Fizz                                  - Morgana   Best Fit Opponent Champions - Orianna                                                  - Xerath                                                  - Lissandra                                                  - Seriously about all champions if you can get your charm at the right time to ignore the opponents block                                                      or shield that prevents them from being charmed.   What are YOUR thoughts on Ahri?
  8. Jayce is a pretty difficult champion to handle due to the two different forms of skills that are available. However if you get the hang of handling the champion you can manipulate the skills to show the most interesting ways of owning your lane. Q,W and then E as the hammer form and then Q and E to poke down afterwards. This is the combo I go for in order to just smash down on the opponent and do the most amount of damage while the enemy is pushed away from me.   Counter Champions - Fiora                                  - Jax                                  - Renekton                                  - Pantheon   Best Fit Champion To Be Against - Almost all champions other than the ones that can easily get into your range and do the most                                                                       damage. UNLESS if you can keep your range away from the enemy and poke them out until you can                                                           counter them with HP and Damage.   What are YOUR thoughts on Jayce?  
  9. Fiora is a champion that can either carry by allowing her damage to take its peak from owning her lane, or a champion that can ruin the game for everybody from feeding too much and being the most un-useful late game champion in the game. Therefore, being almost the most squishy champion in game, Fiora's role in the game can be said to be varied by the summoner playing the game.   Counter champions - Malphite                                 - Shen                                 - Maokai                                 - Jax   Best Champion to be against - Gangplank                                                - Yasuo                                                - Pantheon   What do YOU think about my observation?    
  10. A New Champion Rises From The Sand!

    Seems like a really complex champion to play with way too much potential with the varieties of plays that a summoner can make with the soldiers and the pulling. I personally think Riot made a champion not so playable by unskilled summoners, restricting them from the fun that others may conceive.
  11. LOL newb

    Always look at the map. You may only care about winning your lane but you have to read the game flow based on the tension on each lane. If mid is free and winning however would not leave their lane to possibly gank other lanes go ahead and ask them. Ward up all possible routes that the opponent jungler can jump out from. Try and read the opponents movement to find any evidence of a their jungler being ready to gank so that you can get ready in hand. If you can read the movements farely easily, try to make their jungler waste time in thinking that he/she can gank you if they wait. You only have to wiggle your tail and make your self look delicious but not possible to be ganked. Constantly give them the thought that they can gank but burn the junglers time by making your position kind of odd to be ganked.   For anymore information you can whisper me :D
  12. Just a little bit about me!

    I plan on beginning arma and dayz, hopefully we can play together and u can help me out! Welcome!
  13. Ho Ho Ho

    the crazy happiness you express merely through a post, admiring :)   Welcome
  14. Hi class, my names Matt.

    @[member='Coach']   Welcome! I hope you get accepted and enjoy playing with the community!
  15. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    Would love to play left for dead 2 with you sometimes!  Give me a message!

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